Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

Whoa, what a busy weekend. I think I spent more time in my car seat than in my bedroom but I had a lot of fun. On Friday we went over to Grandma & Grandpa Herberts so I could meet my Uncle Charlie, Aunt Eva and cousin Jamie who few in from California for the weekend. They cooked out while I chilled inside.

On Saturday, we stopped over at the Herbert's after lunch so Jamie and I could play some more. He walks a lot better than I do but we still had a lot of fun. For Dinner, we met Grandma & Grandpa D at J. Alexanders and I went back to G&G D's so Mom and Dad could meet Uncle Charlie and Aunt Eva at the movies. I heard them say Star Trek was sold out so they had drinks instead. Nerds.

More action Sunday! We had Brunch at G&G Herbert's (waffles look delicious) then went home for a quick nap before going back over in the afternoon. G&G Herbert had friends in town so I met a BUNCH of new people. Let's see, I met Jim and Linda Baker, Jim's dad Bake and his wife Sue, Jim and Linda's three kids, Steve, Scott, Jennifer and her daughter Ella. Ella's cousins Madison, Riley and Jackson. Oh, Wayne and Tina Wilke were also there. HOLY COW! Highlight: Sue running around the back yard with all the kids (myself excluded of course.) That woman can move!

Monday was a littler lower key but not much. We ran out to Babies R Us and bought what looked like a thousand diapers and some other junk including a "tummy time" boppy which mom and dad have already made me use a few times. I HATE TUMMY TIME! Later we went over to Aunt Darty and Uncle Dave's for another bbq (I went with a bottle) with G&G D and the Irvines. I can't wait to meet a little Irvine this winter! Around eight I told mom and dad that I was tired and READY TO GO HOME! So we did.

Until later,

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