Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Thinker

The last 24 hours have been pretty chill. I woke Dad up at 6:00 so we could watch Breakfast at Wimbledon and despite doing the same thing last week, he was still surprised. Silly Dad. I went to Miss Anne's today and played with her son Logan. He's around 18 months though so he can run circles around me. Literally.

When Mom came to pick me up, she surprised me with a trip to the airport. SUPRIRSE, we're going to KCI. Awesome? Fortunately the surprise was not the where but the why. Grandma Herbert had been in the San Francisco area to visit her second favorite grand kid (oh snap!) and came home today. We got to pick her up and hear all about her trip. It sounds like she stayed busy but had a lot fun. Still, I'm glad she's back home now.

Not much else has happened since my last post. Oh, actually, Dad took some pictures of me in my first Kansas State outfit right before bed. Below is my impression of what I'll bet Dad looks like on Saturday afternoons in the fall. The only thing missing is a bottle though of what I'm sure I couldn't possibly imagine. (5 Style points to me for trying to make my tummy look bigger to help really nail the impression.)

Oh that reminds me, here's another impression I did from a while back. This one is of a famous brozne statue.

Not bad huh? Also, how mad am I that someone came up with the idea for www.statue.com before I could. DOH! I feel like I'm out tens of dollars in lost opportunity.

Until Later,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Generation Gap

Sunday Night, Mom got stuck working on programs and such for her client's wedding on the 4th. So, Dad and I went over to Aunt Darty and Uncle Dave's house for dinner with Grandma & Grandpa Davenport and Great Grandma Davenport. I think GGD sure does love my little toes. Each time we leave I go ahead and count them to make sure I still have all ten. I better not catch her trying to sneak any of my toes into her pocket!

GGD fed me dinner and afterward we discussed the differences between our two generations; hers the Greatest and mine the Latest. Here's an excerpt.

Or watch a larger version at YouTube

I also took a bunch of pictures but they kind of pale in comparison so I've just included thumbnails of a few and you can click on them if you want to see bigger versions. That raises a question, if a picture is worth a thousand words, and the video above has 29 frames per second and lasts two minutes and six seconds, does that mean it's worth over three and a half million words? Hmmmm.

Today I spent the day with Aunt Darty because I won't go to Miss Anne's on Monday's until school starts. Aunt Darty is SO MUCH FUN! She came over and got me after breakfast and took me over to G&G D's to play for a while before lunch. And lunch was a big surprise because AD and I went by ourselves to have lunch with some of AD's friends (and maybe some future friends of mine.) (UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we ate at Nick & Jake's, oops.) We had lunch with Laura, Krissy, Molly and her two daughters Ella and Grace. After lunch we went to visit Monica, her husband John and their daughter Lillian who is even younger than ME! So much fun!

Well, I had a blast today but am totally worn out so I'm off to nap for a few hours.

Until later,

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dogs Days of Summer

On Saturday, the Davenport family was invited to a puppy play date over at Jerry and Dondi's. This had me a little worried given how hot it's been this last week and Saturday morning/early afternoon were no exception. Fortunately there was plenty of shade followed by a cold front that some how spared us of the rain that appeared imminent. There were so many people and puppies there that I thought I'd play a little game. On the left are the dogs that were at the party and on the right are the people that were at the party. YOU get to try to match the dogs with the people. (Hint: not everyone brought a dog)

Click here for the answer key

On the list of people that didn't bring their dogs are the Davenport's. Parker still isn't 100% so Mom and Dad didn't think it would be a good idea to have her around so many playful dogs. Penny probably could have gone but she was considerably smaller than most of the dogs there and besides, it wouldn't be very nice to leave Parker at home by herself.

Dad took a bunch of pictures so here are a few samples. Click to enlarge.

Aunt Patty took a bunch of pictures too. Check out her album here.

Eventually I got too tired so we had to head home.

I'll leave you with this picture of my new boyfried Evan (sorry Sidney Crosby). Dad says I have to link to the picture because it may be content unbecoming a three month old. Whatever Dad! (UPDATE: Original picture of my boyfriend has been replaced by the current redacted version due to complaints (BY MOM!) 6/29/09)

Until Later,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Et Tu Brute?

I feel like I've been betrayed. On June 11th, I went on a tangent about how much I hate Twitter. Now I find out that Dad actually follows someone on Twitter! Seriously. Dad has Stephen Colbert's (host of the Colbert Report-pronounced with silent T's) tweets fed to his iGoogle home page. NERD!

Dad tries to justify it because SC doesn't tell people when he's getting coffee, he just drops one liners. I guess it is kind of funny. Check out the link below to see SC's latest tweets. Judge for yourself.

Twitter / Stephenathome (Stephen Colbert)

In the mean time, here's another Twitter Tracker from Conan.

Until Later,

Friday, June 26, 2009


I don't go to Miss Anne's on Fridays so today I went to Grandma Davenport's. I did lots of playing on the new Wiggle Worm GmaD got. It was especially fun when Aunt Lily and Cousin Riley came to play with me. For lunch, Aunt Darty came over and the three of us met Dad and Grandpa D at Applebee's.

After lunch it was more playing then I got a great surprise. GpaD's Mom flew in from Florida to come visit. Great Grandma Davenport is so cute and her laugh is absolutely infectious. I'm really looking forward to spending time with her in the coming days.

All too quickly it was over though because Dad said we had to go home so I could take a nap. I wanted to stay and play but nooooooo Dad had to have his way. I dropped a hint that I wasn't too pleased with his decision.

Dad was right though, I took a little nap at home and then we were off again. This time Mom, Dad and I went to dinner at Nick & Jake's and met G&G D, GGD, AD & Uncle Dave, Greats Aunt Nancy & Uncle John and uh, hmm, what do I call Dad's cousin, uh, we'll go with Uncle Tim. There was a lot going on and outside of UD making scary faces at me, it was pretty fun.

Well, I'm exhausted now so I'm off to bed. I'll need my rest for the weekend!

Until later,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh, The Humanity!

Really Mom, really? You know how much I love tummy time to begin with and then you do this? Terrible!

Until Later,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Me Absent

Today started out like most others with one exception: Mom was the first one up and seemingly for no reason. The fact that Mom wasn't just up but was actually getting ready piqued my curiosity too much so I decided to start my day early as well. Dad seemed pretty happy about that, let me tell ya.

Mom left just after my bottle; again, so odd, but that didn't stop me from going back to sleep. Dad woke me up after a short bit and scared the... well I guess he didn't actually scare anything out of me but I was startled to say the least. Then Dad got me dressed, put me in my car seat and said something about going to school. This is when I got a little suspicious. (see my suspicious look in the pic to the left)

Dad loaded me into the car and before I even had time to fall asleep, he was pulling me back out. Lotta action, lotta action. As it turns out, we went over to Miss Anne's, whom I'd met about five weeks ago. School, while it doesn't sound very fun, was actually a blast at Miss Anne's. I even got to meet a few other kids and had fun playing with them.

After Mom picked me up and we got home, I took a quick nap and then we were off again. This time we were headed down to The Plaza to meet Aunt Darty, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for a birthday dinner at Houston's. Aunt Darty's 37th birthday to be more specific.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT DARTY! Perhaps the best part about Houston's is that they do NOT sing or clap for people's birthdays which means I got to sleep right through dinner. So sleepy.

(CORRECTION: Apparently it's only Aunt Darty's 34th birthday. Oops!)

Until Later,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can't You Smell that Smell

I enjoyed Breakfast at Wimbledon so much yesterday that I decided I wanted to do it again today. I woke up at 5:15 which turned out to be 45 minutes before coverage even started. Oops!

After my morning nap Mom, Grandma Herbert and I celebrated Mom's last day of maternity leave by going to Deanna Rose Children's Farmsted. Nothing says petting zoo fun like 95 degrees coupled with Kansas humidity. Holy cow was it warm. Fortunately there was plenty of shade to keep me cool.

I think I'd crash my blog if I uploaded all the pictures so I'll link to most of them. Here's a map so you can follow along. We started out over at the duck pond then headed over to the turkey pen. I sure don't think this guy looks delicious.

Then again, this guy REALLY doesn't look delicious. To be honest with you, this guy smelled like he needed his diaper changed... and maybe a bath.

After stinky, we headed over to the goats which I thought were a lot of fun though one got a little too friendly. Next we were back to the birds and saw some chickens and even a peacock though it didn't look like the one I always see on TV. Next we went to the Koi pond and wrapped it up with a picture of GmaH and me by the flower beds.

After the farmsted we went to Barley's to visit Aunt Abby, cool down and have some lunch. Sweet sweet air conditioning.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chillin' (inside) and I hear word that a bath is in my future. That is going to be nice for sure.

Until later,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bud & Light Reading

One of the coolest things about being so young is how often you get to experience a "first" of something. This morning I enjoyed my first breakfast at Wimbledon. Sa-weet. I woke up around 6:45 and as I enjoyed a delicious bottle, Dad and I watched ESPN's opening coverage of The Championships Wimbledon. Without a doubt, my favorite part was hearing and seeing Bud Collins. If you're not familiar with Bud's style, check him out on YouTube and as important check out some pics of him from Google Images. Bud's wild pants and shirts are the types of colors and patterns that I LOVE.

I know Dad was a little surprised that I woke up so early but with Wimbledon beginning and the US Open ending, I couldn't sleep any longer. Of course, I still got between 9-10 hrs of sleep so no complaining Dad. I've heard a lot people ask Mom & Dad if they're getting any sleep and seen the disappointment on the inquisitor's face when their response is "yes." M&D better know how lucky they are. In fact, how about a little something for the effort? Never too early for an allowance you know.

For lunch I went over to Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's and even got to play with Aunt Darty. My visit was brief but SO FUN!

After work, I got to spend some time with Dad and we read a few books. We started with My Animals which has some fun black and white cartoon animals but the coolest part is that each page has a hole in it and a part of the animal on the page beneath is used to complete the picture. Next we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar which is essentially about a caterpillar that tries to eat healthy (fruit) but isn't satisfied so then he eats a bunch of junk food, get's huge then becomes a butterfly. So the moral is that I can eat junk and still end up beautiful? Uh, okay. Next on the list was Ten Little Ladybugs which is fun because the lady bugs are 3D so eventually I'll be able to play with them. Lastly we started Baby Einstein's Alphabooks. This is a 26 part series so we only covered the first five but I'm looking to forward the rest.

Until Later,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a Tie

Today was pretty relaxing which I'm afraid may translate to boring when it comes to a blog post so enjoy the pictures. Mom, Dad and I all watched quite a bit of golf so of course Dad had to pose me with one of his grungy golf hats. It sure is stinky. That's okay, I think part of being a baby is being forced to dress in silly clothes and pose for pictures. Just search "babies in costumes" via Google images and you'll know what I mean.

To celebrate father's day, we went over to Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's for dinner. I got to play with G&G D, Aunt Darty and Uncle Dave. I didn't give Dad a tie today because that would be a huge waste so instead I honored the father's day tie cliche by wearing one of the tie onesies that Aunt Abby made me. Cute right? Below are some pics of that cute onesies. There's one of Dad and me, Grandpa and Me, Dad, Grandpa and Me and then just me. ME ME ME. It's my blog, what did you expect? Click on the pics to enlarge.

And one more of just my sister's because they were so cute while they were snuggling.

Until Later,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

From Stink Eye to Pink Eye

So, my Turtle post has kind of messed up my usual rotation of blogging about the current day's activities. That's okay, we'll try to get back on schedule starting with yesterday and catching up to today.

Yesterday kind of started a bit rough. When I woke up, my eye was kind of gunky but I didn't really feel bad so I didn't think it was too big a deal. As a precaution, Mom and Dad called the doctor's office but they said as long as I wasn't running a fever and was eating and sleeping okay, they should just keep an eye on it. And if there's one thing I do well, it's eat and sleep. I guess that's two things but you get the point. Mom called the doctor's office and after being on hold for 20 minutes (though I've already heard that number increase as Mom has retold the story a few times) they got the go ahead to bring me in. As it turns out I have pink eye. Not too sure how I got it but the doctor said that some cold viruses can result in pink eye and I was just getting over a cold so I guess that connects the dots. M&D got some eye drops which are supposed to make me all better. On a related topic, I hate eye drops.

I also got to meet two more family peeps, (greats) Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Darrel. This was actually prior to me going in to see the doctor and AS & UD had a good debate over what was causing said eye gunk. They own a pharmacy so I'm sure they've seen a broad range of eye goo, goop and gunk. I'm not sure who won the bet or if there was a bet but I'm sure pink eye was on the table at some point. Regardless, I had lots of fun with them yesterday.

Segue to today (originally spelled segway - fu-ne-tiks anyone?)

AS & UD were in town from Wichita for a triumvirate celebration: Father's Day, one if their daughters just finished her residency (and is moving on to a fellowship) and the other daughter's birthday is Monday. WHOA! To celebrate, Grandma & Grandpa Herbert threw a bbq so we could all get together. I wanna give a shout out to Uncle Scott for pulling grill duty. That's true yeoman's work in this humidity.

At the bbq, I met a bunch of new people. I want to say hi to Heidi (happy birthday too), her husband Jay and their two boys Cole and Seth, Jared, his wife Mary and their kids Ezra, Ruth (who modeled in Aunt Abby's last fashion show. See a pic at AA's website) and Maggie, Chloe and her Husband Jeff. (pause to catch your breath)

After the bbq, we went home so I could get started on this epic blog. After my bottle but prior to writing I spent some QT with Dad. I know you've seen and heard plenty about my Bumbo (you can search my posts for "Bumbo" via the Google search widget in the left column of this page) but check out my new favorite chair: the Dad-Oh. While the Bumbo is still a little too big for me, the Dad-Oh chair is just right and totally cushy (thank you beer and potatoes!)

Until Later,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Betta Go Green

Sorry my last post was kinda short but hey, they can't all be jems! Besides, I didn't do much yesterday aside from the usual: eat, sleep and... be merry. Jeesh, what did you think that third thing was gonna be? Actually I did go to Costco with Mom and Grandma H. I got SO MAD when I saw the price of gas. Did you know that when I was born gas was under two dollars? It's gone up by 25% in the two plus months since. See chart:

click chart to expand

If gas goes up by 25% every two months until I'm 5 yrs old, it would be over $1500.00 a gallon. (You may want to check my math for two reasons: I am my mother's daughter and it takes a LONG time to count to 1500 on your fingers and toes.) The auto industry better get to work on those battery operated cars and fast. And what about the flying cars we've all been promised? Actually, people are too dumb for rolling cars so in retrospect, flying cars probably aren't a good idea.

And while I'm ranting, how awesome is it that Costco has a necessity for the sign in the background of the top picture? It instructs people to keep their children with them at all times and to wear shoes and shirts. You know they had to get those signs made up because there were too many people NOT doing those things. Ugh, people are the worst. Not you people, but other people.

Until later,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shell Games

So I was just minding my own business today and I caught this punk turtle giving me the STINK EYE. You better watch out turtle or I'll put you on your back! (click on the picture to see a larger view and get the full effect.)

Until Later,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Word of the Day

Today was pretty fun. I ran some errands with Mom in the morning including to someplace called Bed, Bath & Beyond. That place is crazy! Among other things, Mom picked up an egg cooker which is kind of cute. They shaped it like an egg! Kind of like an onomatopoeia of kitchen appliances. Go ahead, follow the link to the definition of onomatopoeia, I know you need to.

For lunch, Dad and I met Grandma D and Aunt Darty at Barley's. While we were there, I spent some of the time playing with GmaD and some of the time sleeping (above.) Dad said that I was smiling while I was asleep. I don't remember what I was dreaming about but I assume it was something awesome like bottles or my sisters. Speaking of my sisters, I want to tell Parker to get well soon. She ruptured what amounts to her ACL this weekend. Poor little pooz. Here's a cute picture of her in Dad's car. She must have gotten tired and decided to take a nap on the floor which for some reason had a blanket on it (looks like the work of Mom if you ask me.) How cute is she?

I took a nice long nap after lunch and when I woke up, Mom had me do some tummy time. I'm sure you can tell from the picture how much I enjoyed that.
It got a little bit better when sister Penny decided to come over and help me.... then use me as a pillow. It's okay, I love my sisters and love when they snuggle me. (click on the pics to enlarge)

Until Later,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Foot Loose

Today was pretty chill. Dad and I were watching some Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN2 when Dad goes, "(expletive deleted), I need to do garbage." Then I saw the hamster running on the wheel in his head as he had to decide what to do with me. Does he put me back down and hope I don't wake up Mom or do I help him? He chose the latter and slapped me into the Baby Bjorn (how do you type one of those O's with the two dots over it?) and we were off to do garbage and recycling. The good news is that Dad let me face out, rather than in, so I could see what was going on. The bad news is that garbage and recycling is pretty boring. More work than play for sure. It was kind of funny to see the old man two houses down stare at Dad and me as we pushed the garbage bin to the end of the driveway. (note: this old man mows his lawn 2 or 3 times a week which means our neighbor has to work hard so his lawn doesn't look bad in comparison which means Dad has to... actually Dad doesn't seem to care.)

After the "excitement" of garbage morning wore off I took a little nap until Dad and I went to lunch. It's the only time I left the house today (as of 6:25pm) but that's cool because we got to go have lunch with Grandma D and Aunt Darty. I was such a good girl too which I'm sure kinda made GmaD mad because if I got all fussy, she'd have an excuse to get me out of my car seat. Sorry GmaD and AD! That's okay, I'm sure I'll see you again soon.

In the mean time, here's a video that Dad and I took last night, well actually it was at 12:15 this morning so it's totally legit for it to be on today's blog. Sorry about the color but we had my pink lights on in the room so everything is kind of drowned in pink. I LOVE PINK! I also have to apologize that Dad's shoulder blocks the shot. Who directed the film? CUT!

You can also see this video at YouTube.com

Until Later,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Forget to Mulch

So today was pretty average for me which means I was pretty busy. First trip was down to the eye doctor but not for me, at least not yet. It's kind of entertaining to hear Mom and Dad project which of their worst traits I'll end up with. Mom's eye's are worse but Dad had braces but Mom had cavities but Dad has allergies etc, etc. By the sounds of it, I'm all but doomed.

After the Doctor's office we went to G&G Herbert's where we met up with Aunt Abby and headed to Country Club Christian Church where AA is getting married. We met with the wedding coordinator to discuss some details and options. I totally LOVE wedding planning. I went home with GmaH while Mom and AA went to take a design class downtown.

GmaH and I really like to read when we have a chance so we knocked a few out today. One was Hop Like Bunny, Dance Like a Bear. I would have linked to it but the only place I could find it on the entire information super web was at Amazon and there was no picture. There are zero new and one used available for $79.99. Whoa! I'm definitely swiping that the next time I'm over there. eBay here I come.

We also read Froggy Plays in the Band which has some of my favorite pictures. And of course, no good reading session would be complete without AlphaBears. A classic in my opinion because the ending always catches me off guard. I mean, "Z" pops up at the end and I never see it coming. Brilliant.

Unfortunately for the flowers on my shirt, it was super hot today. Fortunately for the flowers on my shirt, I was able to provide an endless drip of moisture all day. Having the flowers right below my chin is a perfect way to keep them alive. I mean, drooling is way easier than mulching.

Until Later,

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So Punny

Last night Mom, Dad and I had dinner with Aunt Darty and G&G D. In general, it was pretty chill until some idiots behind us had to have some free birthday dessert which unfortunately comes with some loud clapping and awful singing. The clapping jarred me out of a nice nap I was taking but thanks to my sisters, loud noises don't really upset me. I gave the peeps behind us a dirty look but some people are so oblivious. After dinner I went back to G&G D's while M&D went to the movies. Apparently no one told them that when you have kids you are supposed to become shut-ins. I had lots of fun with G&G D (and Aunt Lily of course) and took a totally awesome nap on GmaD's shoulder. Definitely on my top five nap list.

I went to bed late but still got 9+ hours of sleep. I love sleep. In the afternoon I went with Mom and Dad to grab some lunch then we headed over to Home Depot. I heard them say they need some materials to do something called "yard work." I've been alive for over two months now and have taken in everything but don't recall ever hearing those two words together. Curious. Any way, not sure that they actually did any "yard work" but as someone once said, "it's good to have to goals."

It was a nice relaxing weekend in general. And how cute is my shirt from today? I'll tell you, it's as cute as can be. Pun intended.
Click to enlarge and see the cute bee on my shirt

Until Later,

Saturday, June 13, 2009

March of the Penguins

My buddy penguin (left, also seen here) and I would like to congratulate the Pittsburgh Penguins on beating the dirty Detroit Redwings last night in game seven (at Detroit) of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Pens are the first road team in the NHL to win game seven in nearly 40 years and the first road team in any sport to win game seven in 30 years.

I especially want to congratulate my new boyfriend (though he doesn't know it), 21 yr old Pens Captain Sidney Crosby. Dad says I can marry him in 25 years! I'm in the process of making a construction paper chain to count down the time. I'll tear off one link each day until we get married. Hey Mom, I think I'm gonna need more paper!

And in NBA news, the LakersZZZZZZZZZZ.... sorry, the NBA is so boring I fell asleep. Call me when LeBron makes the finals will ya?

Until Later,

Friday, June 12, 2009

....Never a bride

Whoa, it is a good thing that the last few days have been chill because I definitely needed the rest to prep for today. I do want to give a shout out to Patty and Kristin because the only thing I did all day yesterday was go to lunch with them and Mom. Aunt Patty told us all about her and Uncle Stu's trip to South America. They did a travel blog (blogs, so hot right now) so couch potatoes like my parents can live vicariously through them. I highly recommend checking it out; the pictures alone are worth the time.

Okay, try to keep up with me here because we were crazy busy today helping Aunt Abby shop for a reception site (congrats again to AA and Uncle Scott (originally typed Scoot) on their engagement!) First, Mom and I left our House (A) to drop off some wedding programs for a customer at Hallbrook (B). Then we nearly went back in time racing down town to meet AA and Grandma Herbert at the Kansas City Club (C) which is where AA's trunk show is (you'll have to google trunk show on your own time.) Then we headed over to the Downtown Library (D) to see Kirk Hall and I had a bottle on the rooftop terrace (thumbnail above left) to enjoy the great weather.

After my bottle we left downtown and headed to Oakwood CC (E) then we headed back up to the plaza to visit the Carriage Club (F) then back down to our hood to see the "new" Brookridge CC (G) which I'm told looks exactly like the old Brookridge. Finally we made it back to G&G Herbert's House (H) so I could play with Grandpa. PHEW!

View Larger Map

I'm not kidding you, this is actually the route we took. Needless to say it was NOT the Google Maps recommended route.

Still, I had tons of fun. I can't wait until I get married so I can shop for my own reception site but Dad said I had to wait 30 more years. Whatever Dad!

Until Later,