Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Forget to Mulch

So today was pretty average for me which means I was pretty busy. First trip was down to the eye doctor but not for me, at least not yet. It's kind of entertaining to hear Mom and Dad project which of their worst traits I'll end up with. Mom's eye's are worse but Dad had braces but Mom had cavities but Dad has allergies etc, etc. By the sounds of it, I'm all but doomed.

After the Doctor's office we went to G&G Herbert's where we met up with Aunt Abby and headed to Country Club Christian Church where AA is getting married. We met with the wedding coordinator to discuss some details and options. I totally LOVE wedding planning. I went home with GmaH while Mom and AA went to take a design class downtown.

GmaH and I really like to read when we have a chance so we knocked a few out today. One was Hop Like Bunny, Dance Like a Bear. I would have linked to it but the only place I could find it on the entire information super web was at Amazon and there was no picture. There are zero new and one used available for $79.99. Whoa! I'm definitely swiping that the next time I'm over there. eBay here I come.

We also read Froggy Plays in the Band which has some of my favorite pictures. And of course, no good reading session would be complete without AlphaBears. A classic in my opinion because the ending always catches me off guard. I mean, "Z" pops up at the end and I never see it coming. Brilliant.

Unfortunately for the flowers on my shirt, it was super hot today. Fortunately for the flowers on my shirt, I was able to provide an endless drip of moisture all day. Having the flowers right below my chin is a perfect way to keep them alive. I mean, drooling is way easier than mulching.

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