Saturday, June 20, 2009

From Stink Eye to Pink Eye

So, my Turtle post has kind of messed up my usual rotation of blogging about the current day's activities. That's okay, we'll try to get back on schedule starting with yesterday and catching up to today.

Yesterday kind of started a bit rough. When I woke up, my eye was kind of gunky but I didn't really feel bad so I didn't think it was too big a deal. As a precaution, Mom and Dad called the doctor's office but they said as long as I wasn't running a fever and was eating and sleeping okay, they should just keep an eye on it. And if there's one thing I do well, it's eat and sleep. I guess that's two things but you get the point. Mom called the doctor's office and after being on hold for 20 minutes (though I've already heard that number increase as Mom has retold the story a few times) they got the go ahead to bring me in. As it turns out I have pink eye. Not too sure how I got it but the doctor said that some cold viruses can result in pink eye and I was just getting over a cold so I guess that connects the dots. M&D got some eye drops which are supposed to make me all better. On a related topic, I hate eye drops.

I also got to meet two more family peeps, (greats) Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Darrel. This was actually prior to me going in to see the doctor and AS & UD had a good debate over what was causing said eye gunk. They own a pharmacy so I'm sure they've seen a broad range of eye goo, goop and gunk. I'm not sure who won the bet or if there was a bet but I'm sure pink eye was on the table at some point. Regardless, I had lots of fun with them yesterday.

Segue to today (originally spelled segway - fu-ne-tiks anyone?)

AS & UD were in town from Wichita for a triumvirate celebration: Father's Day, one if their daughters just finished her residency (and is moving on to a fellowship) and the other daughter's birthday is Monday. WHOA! To celebrate, Grandma & Grandpa Herbert threw a bbq so we could all get together. I wanna give a shout out to Uncle Scott for pulling grill duty. That's true yeoman's work in this humidity.

At the bbq, I met a bunch of new people. I want to say hi to Heidi (happy birthday too), her husband Jay and their two boys Cole and Seth, Jared, his wife Mary and their kids Ezra, Ruth (who modeled in Aunt Abby's last fashion show. See a pic at AA's website) and Maggie, Chloe and her Husband Jeff. (pause to catch your breath)

After the bbq, we went home so I could get started on this epic blog. After my bottle but prior to writing I spent some QT with Dad. I know you've seen and heard plenty about my Bumbo (you can search my posts for "Bumbo" via the Google search widget in the left column of this page) but check out my new favorite chair: the Dad-Oh. While the Bumbo is still a little too big for me, the Dad-Oh chair is just right and totally cushy (thank you beer and potatoes!)

Until Later,

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