Monday, June 29, 2009

Generation Gap

Sunday Night, Mom got stuck working on programs and such for her client's wedding on the 4th. So, Dad and I went over to Aunt Darty and Uncle Dave's house for dinner with Grandma & Grandpa Davenport and Great Grandma Davenport. I think GGD sure does love my little toes. Each time we leave I go ahead and count them to make sure I still have all ten. I better not catch her trying to sneak any of my toes into her pocket!

GGD fed me dinner and afterward we discussed the differences between our two generations; hers the Greatest and mine the Latest. Here's an excerpt.

Or watch a larger version at YouTube

I also took a bunch of pictures but they kind of pale in comparison so I've just included thumbnails of a few and you can click on them if you want to see bigger versions. That raises a question, if a picture is worth a thousand words, and the video above has 29 frames per second and lasts two minutes and six seconds, does that mean it's worth over three and a half million words? Hmmmm.

Today I spent the day with Aunt Darty because I won't go to Miss Anne's on Monday's until school starts. Aunt Darty is SO MUCH FUN! She came over and got me after breakfast and took me over to G&G D's to play for a while before lunch. And lunch was a big surprise because AD and I went by ourselves to have lunch with some of AD's friends (and maybe some future friends of mine.) (UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we ate at Nick & Jake's, oops.) We had lunch with Laura, Krissy, Molly and her two daughters Ella and Grace. After lunch we went to visit Monica, her husband John and their daughter Lillian who is even younger than ME! So much fun!

Well, I had a blast today but am totally worn out so I'm off to nap for a few hours.

Until later,

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