Friday, June 26, 2009


I don't go to Miss Anne's on Fridays so today I went to Grandma Davenport's. I did lots of playing on the new Wiggle Worm GmaD got. It was especially fun when Aunt Lily and Cousin Riley came to play with me. For lunch, Aunt Darty came over and the three of us met Dad and Grandpa D at Applebee's.

After lunch it was more playing then I got a great surprise. GpaD's Mom flew in from Florida to come visit. Great Grandma Davenport is so cute and her laugh is absolutely infectious. I'm really looking forward to spending time with her in the coming days.

All too quickly it was over though because Dad said we had to go home so I could take a nap. I wanted to stay and play but nooooooo Dad had to have his way. I dropped a hint that I wasn't too pleased with his decision.

Dad was right though, I took a little nap at home and then we were off again. This time Mom, Dad and I went to dinner at Nick & Jake's and met G&G D, GGD, AD & Uncle Dave, Greats Aunt Nancy & Uncle John and uh, hmm, what do I call Dad's cousin, uh, we'll go with Uncle Tim. There was a lot going on and outside of UD making scary faces at me, it was pretty fun.

Well, I'm exhausted now so I'm off to bed. I'll need my rest for the weekend!

Until later,

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