Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can't You Smell that Smell

I enjoyed Breakfast at Wimbledon so much yesterday that I decided I wanted to do it again today. I woke up at 5:15 which turned out to be 45 minutes before coverage even started. Oops!

After my morning nap Mom, Grandma Herbert and I celebrated Mom's last day of maternity leave by going to Deanna Rose Children's Farmsted. Nothing says petting zoo fun like 95 degrees coupled with Kansas humidity. Holy cow was it warm. Fortunately there was plenty of shade to keep me cool.

I think I'd crash my blog if I uploaded all the pictures so I'll link to most of them. Here's a map so you can follow along. We started out over at the duck pond then headed over to the turkey pen. I sure don't think this guy looks delicious.

Then again, this guy REALLY doesn't look delicious. To be honest with you, this guy smelled like he needed his diaper changed... and maybe a bath.

After stinky, we headed over to the goats which I thought were a lot of fun though one got a little too friendly. Next we were back to the birds and saw some chickens and even a peacock though it didn't look like the one I always see on TV. Next we went to the Koi pond and wrapped it up with a picture of GmaH and me by the flower beds.

After the farmsted we went to Barley's to visit Aunt Abby, cool down and have some lunch. Sweet sweet air conditioning.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chillin' (inside) and I hear word that a bath is in my future. That is going to be nice for sure.

Until later,

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