Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Me Absent

Today started out like most others with one exception: Mom was the first one up and seemingly for no reason. The fact that Mom wasn't just up but was actually getting ready piqued my curiosity too much so I decided to start my day early as well. Dad seemed pretty happy about that, let me tell ya.

Mom left just after my bottle; again, so odd, but that didn't stop me from going back to sleep. Dad woke me up after a short bit and scared the... well I guess he didn't actually scare anything out of me but I was startled to say the least. Then Dad got me dressed, put me in my car seat and said something about going to school. This is when I got a little suspicious. (see my suspicious look in the pic to the left)

Dad loaded me into the car and before I even had time to fall asleep, he was pulling me back out. Lotta action, lotta action. As it turns out, we went over to Miss Anne's, whom I'd met about five weeks ago. School, while it doesn't sound very fun, was actually a blast at Miss Anne's. I even got to meet a few other kids and had fun playing with them.

After Mom picked me up and we got home, I took a quick nap and then we were off again. This time we were headed down to The Plaza to meet Aunt Darty, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for a birthday dinner at Houston's. Aunt Darty's 37th birthday to be more specific.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT DARTY! Perhaps the best part about Houston's is that they do NOT sing or clap for people's birthdays which means I got to sleep right through dinner. So sleepy.

(CORRECTION: Apparently it's only Aunt Darty's 34th birthday. Oops!)

Until Later,

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