Monday, June 8, 2009

Moving Picture Show

Today I just chilled out at home all da--ha, I'm just kidding, I couldn't even finish that sentence.  No, I did head out a little bit but it was pretty relaxed compared to my usual social schedule.  Mom and I chilled out most of the afternoon and to prepare for dinner I took a nice long nap.  For dinner, we headed over to keep Grandpa Herbert company while Grandma Herbert was visiting Great Grandma Chapman, Great Aunt Neecy and Great Uncle Tim in Beloit (been there.)  Wait, something doesn't make sense here:  How come my Mom's Mom is Grandma and Grandma's Mom is Great Grandma but Grandma's sisters and brothers are Great Aunts and Great Uncles.  Doesn't the hierarchical structure seem off here?  I have to go three layers straight up to get to Great stature but going two up and one over is also Great?  Knight to C3 - CHECKMATE!  But I digress.  Aunt Abby and Uncle Scott were also there for dinner and to make it a full house, my sisters got to tag along as well.  When we first got there, Dad had Parker and Penny on their lines in the back yard but that wasn't going too well because they got all tangled up.  I heard him use an adjective-noun combo that began with "cluster" but he trailed off at the end so I didn't catch the second half.  Anyway, dinner was fun until I got too starving to think straight so we left.

After we got home and I finished my bottle, I had a nice long chat with Mom then headed over to my Bumbo to type my blog. One thing caught my eye though, how come I "get" to sit and stare at boring black and white pictures (sorry Penguin and Hedgehog) while Mom and Dad get to watch moving and talking picture shows in color. Not really fair.

And no, this is not from the same "photo shoot" as yesterday's blog. Yesterday I was wearing a green and yellow striped shirt but in this pic it's a white onesie (trademarked, remember) with green, orange and yellow puppy prints all over it. How about a little credit here people.

Until later,

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