Friday, June 12, 2009

....Never a bride

Whoa, it is a good thing that the last few days have been chill because I definitely needed the rest to prep for today. I do want to give a shout out to Patty and Kristin because the only thing I did all day yesterday was go to lunch with them and Mom. Aunt Patty told us all about her and Uncle Stu's trip to South America. They did a travel blog (blogs, so hot right now) so couch potatoes like my parents can live vicariously through them. I highly recommend checking it out; the pictures alone are worth the time.

Okay, try to keep up with me here because we were crazy busy today helping Aunt Abby shop for a reception site (congrats again to AA and Uncle Scott (originally typed Scoot) on their engagement!) First, Mom and I left our House (A) to drop off some wedding programs for a customer at Hallbrook (B). Then we nearly went back in time racing down town to meet AA and Grandma Herbert at the Kansas City Club (C) which is where AA's trunk show is (you'll have to google trunk show on your own time.) Then we headed over to the Downtown Library (D) to see Kirk Hall and I had a bottle on the rooftop terrace (thumbnail above left) to enjoy the great weather.

After my bottle we left downtown and headed to Oakwood CC (E) then we headed back up to the plaza to visit the Carriage Club (F) then back down to our hood to see the "new" Brookridge CC (G) which I'm told looks exactly like the old Brookridge. Finally we made it back to G&G Herbert's House (H) so I could play with Grandpa. PHEW!

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I'm not kidding you, this is actually the route we took. Needless to say it was NOT the Google Maps recommended route.

Still, I had tons of fun. I can't wait until I get married so I can shop for my own reception site but Dad said I had to wait 30 more years. Whatever Dad!

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