Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head

If you'll recall from yesterday's post, we had to leave Grandpa Herbert's because I was so hungry. Well, the bottle I mention in that post was at 8:45 and I was so busy after that (chatting, blogging and playing) that when I finally got tired at 11:00, Mom let me get some shuteye even though I'd be ready for another bottle within the hour. And just like Dad did a few nights ago, Mom gambled. Unlike Dad, she won. I decided to give Mom a break and sleep until 8:00 this morning. Am I nice (to mom) or what?!?!

Today Mom, Dad and I all had lunch with Grandma D and Aunt Darty. And I gotta tell ya, on the way there it rained harder than I've seen in my ENTIRE LIFE! Here's a picture from an area up north called Westport (plenty of irony there) that frankly could use a good rinse anyway.

The rest of the day was totally relaxing. I helped Mom work a bit, did some napping and played in my play gym. Then around 5:30 I was ready for a bottle and made sure Dad was fully aware. See today's previous "post". That reminds me, I snatched Dad's cell phone and figured out to blog via text or email. Sweet. So, now I can shoot quick little posts whenever Dad isn't looking.

Until Later,

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