Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hiya there mates.  Fancy a stroll through my day?  Well, maybe I should start off by telling you that I’m going Brit for this post.  Mom, Dad and I watched Snatch during movie night the other night and I decided I rather liked the English accents. Stewie from the Family Guy

From Avery Davenport
pulls it off so why can’t I?  So, start reading again from the top but this time read it with an English accent.  Well, go on ya bugger!

Mom and I headed over to G&G Herbert's again today to help Aunt Abby some more.  I had a jolly good time doing a few of the usuals, you know tummy time, sitting, napping, etc, but the most brilliant part was probably a nice long walk with GH (thanks again luv.)  I estimate we did just over three kilometers (about two miles for those of you in the colonies) with a break in the middle so I could meet a lovely bird named Donna Lane.  Smashing!

Speakin’ Brit is fun innit?  Need help?  Try here.



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