Sunday, June 14, 2009

So Punny

Last night Mom, Dad and I had dinner with Aunt Darty and G&G D. In general, it was pretty chill until some idiots behind us had to have some free birthday dessert which unfortunately comes with some loud clapping and awful singing. The clapping jarred me out of a nice nap I was taking but thanks to my sisters, loud noises don't really upset me. I gave the peeps behind us a dirty look but some people are so oblivious. After dinner I went back to G&G D's while M&D went to the movies. Apparently no one told them that when you have kids you are supposed to become shut-ins. I had lots of fun with G&G D (and Aunt Lily of course) and took a totally awesome nap on GmaD's shoulder. Definitely on my top five nap list.

I went to bed late but still got 9+ hours of sleep. I love sleep. In the afternoon I went with Mom and Dad to grab some lunch then we headed over to Home Depot. I heard them say they need some materials to do something called "yard work." I've been alive for over two months now and have taken in everything but don't recall ever hearing those two words together. Curious. Any way, not sure that they actually did any "yard work" but as someone once said, "it's good to have to goals."

It was a nice relaxing weekend in general. And how cute is my shirt from today? I'll tell you, it's as cute as can be. Pun intended.
Click to enlarge and see the cute bee on my shirt

Until Later,

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