Friday, June 19, 2009

Betta Go Green

Sorry my last post was kinda short but hey, they can't all be jems! Besides, I didn't do much yesterday aside from the usual: eat, sleep and... be merry. Jeesh, what did you think that third thing was gonna be? Actually I did go to Costco with Mom and Grandma H. I got SO MAD when I saw the price of gas. Did you know that when I was born gas was under two dollars? It's gone up by 25% in the two plus months since. See chart:

click chart to expand

If gas goes up by 25% every two months until I'm 5 yrs old, it would be over $1500.00 a gallon. (You may want to check my math for two reasons: I am my mother's daughter and it takes a LONG time to count to 1500 on your fingers and toes.) The auto industry better get to work on those battery operated cars and fast. And what about the flying cars we've all been promised? Actually, people are too dumb for rolling cars so in retrospect, flying cars probably aren't a good idea.

And while I'm ranting, how awesome is it that Costco has a necessity for the sign in the background of the top picture? It instructs people to keep their children with them at all times and to wear shoes and shirts. You know they had to get those signs made up because there were too many people NOT doing those things. Ugh, people are the worst. Not you people, but other people.

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