Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Thinker

The last 24 hours have been pretty chill. I woke Dad up at 6:00 so we could watch Breakfast at Wimbledon and despite doing the same thing last week, he was still surprised. Silly Dad. I went to Miss Anne's today and played with her son Logan. He's around 18 months though so he can run circles around me. Literally.

When Mom came to pick me up, she surprised me with a trip to the airport. SUPRIRSE, we're going to KCI. Awesome? Fortunately the surprise was not the where but the why. Grandma Herbert had been in the San Francisco area to visit her second favorite grand kid (oh snap!) and came home today. We got to pick her up and hear all about her trip. It sounds like she stayed busy but had a lot fun. Still, I'm glad she's back home now.

Not much else has happened since my last post. Oh, actually, Dad took some pictures of me in my first Kansas State outfit right before bed. Below is my impression of what I'll bet Dad looks like on Saturday afternoons in the fall. The only thing missing is a bottle though of what I'm sure I couldn't possibly imagine. (5 Style points to me for trying to make my tummy look bigger to help really nail the impression.)

Oh that reminds me, here's another impression I did from a while back. This one is of a famous brozne statue.

Not bad huh? Also, how mad am I that someone came up with the idea for www.statue.com before I could. DOH! I feel like I'm out tens of dollars in lost opportunity.

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