Monday, June 1, 2009

"It's My Birthday Too, Yeah!"

Today was my second birthday - in months that is.  I wonder how long we'll celebrate these little milestones.  I know my dad is looking forward to getting past the period where my age is measured in weeks and I feel two months is a good starting point.  

This morning I woke dad up in time to see Roger Federer lose the first set in his match against Tommy Haas.  We went back to bed when he lost the second set as well.  But you can never count RF out because after winning the 3rd set, he crushed the 4th and 5th allowing Haas just two games total.  Read about it hear at the official FO Site.  Naturally I missed it.  That's okay, I had a wicked good nap.

After I woke up, Mom and I got ready (isn't my dress CUTE!) and headed over to G&G Herebert's so we could help Aunt Abby get ready for her fashion show this weekend.  I'm too little to go but I can't wait to see all the pics and video that Mom and Dad take.  I'm quite the fashionista you know.  I'm not sure how much help I was to Aunt Abby because Grandma H and I played a ton.  First off, she got me a birthday card which was totally cute.  We also read a book (AlphaBears) and went on a walk.  AWESOME AFTERNOON!

When Mom and I got back home, we kept the tradition of taking my picture next to my soctopus on Mom's giant calendar.  Does doing something twice count as a tradition?  Any way, I can't really tell if I've grown much but we've had to retire several outfits so I assume I have.  What do you think?  I go to the Doctor on Friday for my official two month check up so I'll guess we'll find our for sure the then!

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