Sunday, June 7, 2009


I spent the night at G&G D's last night while Mom and Dad were downtown at Aunt Abby's fashion show. I sat in my bouncy chair and played while we watched Taken. That movie made me not ever want to go to Paris because I'm pretty sure being kidnapped would stink. But then today we watched Roger Federer win the French Open and that kinda makes me want to go again. With this win RF completed a career grand slam while tying Pete Sampras's record for most major wins at 14. Dad thinks this solidifies his spot as the best ever but Mom's not so sure (probably because she still has a crush on Sampras.)  I never saw Sampras in his prime so I'm leaning toward RF.

In honor of the French theme to this weekend, you can read this blog in french by copying and pasting the contents here.

Today has been pretty chill.  Mom and Dad are worried about my flat spot so they've been pushing tummy time and sitting up pretty hard.  I spent about 90 minutes in my Bumbo until I finally fell asleep.  Oh how I love that M&D have a video camera, regular camera and camera phones so no embarassing act goes uncaught.  Terrible.

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