Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's the past tense of Tweet?

So, sometimes when I have a chill day and didn't do much or just don't feel like writing about my goings on, I may just do Op-Ed type posts where I share what I'm thinking. This is one of those post:

Like it or not, Twitter is very popular right now. For the uninitiated, Twitter allows people to "tweet" about the most mundane aspects of their life and share their "least important thoughts 140 characters at a time."  (check out The Daily Show clip below)

Some people love it and some people don't.  Right now, I don't which is why I LOVE when I hear other people make fun of it or the people using it.  Conan has started a regular (I hope) bit called Twitter Tracker (below on hulu) and Tosh.0 brought us a ridiculous post from Courtney Love (WARNING: the tosh.0 video has been removed because it may not be appropriate for babies. If you're still interested in seeing it, go here and skip to the 3:00 min mark.)

I don't know what the saddest part about celebrity tweating is, that the celebrities think people care when they're in line to get a coffee or that people apparently do care.  Miley Cyrus has nearly 800,000 followers.  Insane.

I don't tweet, at least not yet but I did figure out how I can blog via email or text... and text is 160 characters.  TAKE THAT TWITTER!

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