Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Word of the Day

Today was pretty fun. I ran some errands with Mom in the morning including to someplace called Bed, Bath & Beyond. That place is crazy! Among other things, Mom picked up an egg cooker which is kind of cute. They shaped it like an egg! Kind of like an onomatopoeia of kitchen appliances. Go ahead, follow the link to the definition of onomatopoeia, I know you need to.

For lunch, Dad and I met Grandma D and Aunt Darty at Barley's. While we were there, I spent some of the time playing with GmaD and some of the time sleeping (above.) Dad said that I was smiling while I was asleep. I don't remember what I was dreaming about but I assume it was something awesome like bottles or my sisters. Speaking of my sisters, I want to tell Parker to get well soon. She ruptured what amounts to her ACL this weekend. Poor little pooz. Here's a cute picture of her in Dad's car. She must have gotten tired and decided to take a nap on the floor which for some reason had a blanket on it (looks like the work of Mom if you ask me.) How cute is she?

I took a nice long nap after lunch and when I woke up, Mom had me do some tummy time. I'm sure you can tell from the picture how much I enjoyed that.
It got a little bit better when sister Penny decided to come over and help me.... then use me as a pillow. It's okay, I love my sisters and love when they snuggle me. (click on the pics to enlarge)

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