Monday, July 13, 2009

Kick It!

I'm still not at Miss Anne's on Monday's yet so Grandma Davenport baby sat me today. She had to go water her plants at work and I tagged along so I could see all of her work friends. (Hi to Ellie, Glenda and her husband Tony, Teri, Mary and Lesley!) While we were there GmaD caught me eye-spying the happy face ball in the pic above. She must have read my mind because she let me take it home. The ball appears to have a nice positive attitude and I like that.

Dad and Aunt Darty came over to GmaD's so we could all lunch together. TWIST, I had a bottle. While the others were eating, I spent some time in my Kick & Play bouncy chair. Today I practiced kicking the green flower on the right (stage right.) Below is a quick little video.

After I wore myself out kickin' it, I took a nice nap. Later in the afternoon we did some more playing including a nice little walk in my stroller.

After I got home, I did some awesome snuggling with Mom and Sister Penny. (Notice how Penny is holding my hand? Love her!)

Until Later,

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  1. Hi Katrina! Katie (Abbott) Smith here. I found your site through Tara's blog. Congrats on your little girl - she is soooo adorable!!!


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