Friday, July 17, 2009

Borough Thoroughfares

Today has been crazy but VERY fun. I started off the morning with Grandma Davenport. She picked me up from our house and after we got settled at her house, GmaD took my Aunt Lily and me on a walk. The collage below has some action shots of AL.
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You may be thinking that those pictures don't look very "actiony" or that "actiony" isn't a word and you'd be correct on both accounts. Dad didn't have any real action shots of AL but from what I here that's only because none exist. We REALLY need a picture of our walks or I'm sure some people would question if AL actually went (that's directed at you Uncle Dave.)

Regardless of what mean old UD thinks, we had a lot of fun on our walk and the weather could not have been more perfect. The average high this time of year is about 90 which is usually what the humidity is as well (UGH!) and yet today was in the seventies with low humidity and even a nice breeze. Hey bartender, I'll take another day like this one please! (we'll see how that's received because he usually only serves me bottles and I didn't see any weather on the menu.)

After the walk we did some relaxing; me in my bouncy chair and GmaD in a chair that didn't bounce (which frankly sounds pretty boring.) After a little practice kicking that green flower, I took a short nap before GmaD and I headed out and about.

GmaD had a birthday lunch (another birthday must mean she's 60 now right?) so she dropped me off over at Grandma Herbert's. Two Gma's in one day -- SWEET!

GmaD brought my stroller over to GmaH's so I was confident there was another walk in my future. I was so excited I almost felt like I was doing something wrong, like I should tell GmaH that I already went on a walk. But, I stayed tight lipped and sure enough that second walk came to fruition. GmaH and I did some of our other usual stuff as well. We did lots of singing of course (I've got surprising solid chops for a 3.5 month old)

"If I close my eyes
I can almost hear my mother
Callin' Neil, go find your brother
Daddy's home and it's time for supper
Hurry on

And I see two boys
Racing up two flights of staircase
Squirmin' into papa's embrace
And his whiskers warm on their face
Where's it gone
Oh where's it gone

Two floors above the butcher
First door on the right
Life filled to the brim
As I stood by my window
And looked out on those
Brooklyn Roads"

And we're back. Sorry about that, sometimes I just can't help myself and I have to bust out a tune. Let's see, where was I? Oh that's right, GmaH and I also did some reading. We read The Lady With The Alligator Purse, the moral of which I believe is don't drink your bath water and eat soap. Solid message there. Then GpaH came home and I was all smiles but before I knew it, they were packing me up and dropping me off at home.

Finally, some time to relax. Or at least that's what I thought. I started pounding out this post and I hear Dad say that I'm going BACK over the G&G D's tonight so they can babysit while M&D go downtown to see Aunt Abby's Trunk Show. Whatever M&D, I don't wanna sit at home with you anyway! So, I have to wrap up this post cause G&G D will be here soon to pick me up.

Until Later,

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