Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bris

I woke up about 30 minutes earlier than my norm today which means we got to surprise Miss Anne by arriving about 30 minutes earlier than usual too. I hope I didn't catch her off guard. Dad wanted to wait a bit but I was too excited because I hadn't seen MA since last Wednesday. I had a lot of fun with MA but we were kind of bummed that it rained all day because we usually like to spend some time outside in the afternoon. BOOO RAIN!

That reminds me (kind of), my new swing can play lullabies, upbeat "wake time" music, an iPod and several nature sounds. One of the sounds it makes is just a stream or brook. I'll be honest, it's a real good thing I wear a diaper because listening to that for an extended amount of time can have quite an impact if you know what I mean.

Sorry if I have any typos but Dad's been doing a terrible job cutting my nails lately and has been butchering my fingers so it hurts to type. This morning he apparently thought my thumb looked too long and decided to cut off the tip. He made a circumcision joke but I didn't get it... so I cried. He's worse than that lady who put her kid's cradle in a tree top. See zoomed in section below.

Dad, don't quit your day job; a terrible mohel (pronouciation) you would make.

Well, I'm gonna go convalesce.

Until Later,

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