Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Estate of Mind

Today was Miss Anne's last day of vacation so Grandma Herbert took care of me today. Dad dropped me off at G&G H's and after GmaH and I got settled in she took me on a walk in my stroller. Two walks in two days is pretty sweet (and rare - shame on you Mom & Dad.) And it's my understanding that we need to take advantage of this weather because it's about to start feeling like July in Kansas City. Odd eh?

GmaH and I met Mom and Aunt Abby for lunch at First Watch. Having lunch with Mom was a rare surprise and totally awesome. For lunch, I considered having two poached eggs and toast with no butter but instead decided to have a bottle. Maybe next time.

On the way home, GmaH, AA and I stopped at an estate sale in a fancy neighborhood near 89th and Mission. We saw some good stuff (see pics 102 & 103) and some not so good stuff including some white elbow length leather gloves (yikes.) AA did end up buying some vintage fabric which I can only assume would be used to make vintage clothing right?

After we got back to G&G H's, AA put me to work in her sweatshop as we prepared for her Fringe Festival Trunk Show.

Later on, I did some singing with GmaH including one of her favorites, "Avery, Avery, Avery is a good girl." After singing we watched Enchanted which also has a lot of singing. Look at me; so musical!

Then GpaH came home from work (yea!) and we read Hop Like a Bunny; Dance like a Bear THREE times!

After Mom came and picked me up, it was a short stop home for a bottle then Dad whisked me away to dinner at Zarda with Grandma Davenport, Aunt Darty and Uncle Dave. It was kids it free night so Dad caught a break on the bill thanks to me... also I don't eat barbecue (yet) so I guess that helped too. For the most part it was fun but I'm pretty sure UD told a story I had already heard. Classic Uncle Dave.

Finally it was home for the evening where I took a little nap, had bottle a bath and am off to bed. So tired!

Until Later,

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