Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fashion Nugget

I woke up just a bit early today so Dad and I could watch Breakfast at... Turnberry? That's right, there's another major sporting event in the UK this week. This time it's Golf's third major of the year, The Open Championship at Turnberry in Scotland. (sorry, couldn't resist that last link.) At Wimbledon, Bud Collins and his crazy outfits stand out against all the players wearing their "Tennis Whites" but Bud would fit right in with the players at The Open. Hey, I dig patterns and bold colors too so I was lovin' it.

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Naturally, my favorite is John Daly there near the center in the green shirt and green and white argyle pants. However, you don't get the real feel for how crazy JD is without seeing this pic. PERFECT! Do you think they lost a bet or something? HA!

After breakfast, I headed over to Miss Anne's. I'm happy to say that I went to and came home from MA's in the same outfit. Hey, one day outta three will get you into the hall of fame!

After I got home it was time for some QT with Mom & Dad. Dad read me a book that claims Rhinos "Snort and Snuff" but I'm not really sure what "snuff" is. According to one of the definitions by Merriam-Webster it means to Kill. That's NOT cool Rhinos! Look how mad everyone looks. Those Rhinos better not mess with those dogs or I'll send my sisters over to Ruff them up. (I know, I'm terrible)

After the book I did some playing with mom but before I knew it, we were napping instead (that's me in the yellow.) Mom and I should know better than to fall asleep when Dad has the camera. Doh!

Well, I'm gonna have a bottle now then I'm probably off to bed. Something tells me I'll need my rest for tomorrow.

Until Later,

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