Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just For Men

Today was the last day that I'll go to Miss Anne's this week so I was sure to do plenty of playing with Miss Anne's son Logan and another one of the kids she babysits named Jill. We have so much fun that sometimes I hate to leave. Except that when I get home I get greeted by my sisters and sometimes they tickle my feet.

Is it just me or does everyone LOVE my feet? I can't wait until I can put them in my mouth. Right now I'm trying to master the art of putting my fist in my mouth though pretty much anything will do. In fact, if there's even a slim chance of me being able to put something in my mouth, I just open wide. Here's some evidence:

(full disclosure: Dad bet me $5 that I couldn't get my whole fist in my mouth and I'm determined to win!)

I didn't do much else today. Dad and I did play some Superman (or maybe SuperGirl is more appropriate) which was fun until Mom interrupted to take a picture. By the by, it's not the flash that makes Dad's hair look gray, it's the gray hair that makes his hair look gray. Yikes old man!

Until Later,

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