Monday, July 6, 2009

New to Red, White and Blue

This was my first 4th of July holiday and the key word there, is holiday. I chose to take a holiday from writing my blog, so sue me. Unfortunately, that leaves me with like four days worth of blogs to write. Oy Vay (that's right, I know a little yiddish.)

Okay, let's start with the third of July. It was cool and rainy in the morning so Mom and I just snuggled with my sisters. Dad was out golfing, which with the rain kept Dad away for over seven hours. GIRLS ONLY MORNING!

In the afternoon, we went over to G&G Davenport's for a 3rd of July BBQ with the Kaczmarczyks. I hadn't seen a lot of the K's for a while and there was even a new K for me to meet; cousin Jeff's Wife Emily.

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Emily live in Dallas and came up to celebrate the holiday with the rest of the fam. Here are a few other pics from the par-tay.

On Saturday, we watched the Williams sisters play for the Ladies' Championship at Wimbledon. I like Venus better but she fell apart during the first set tie breaker and lost to her sister Serena. (If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a bit of a tennis fan. M&D even got me a racquet so Grandpa Herbert could teach me how to play. I can't wait to use my SpongeBob SquarePants racquet as soon as I can walk.)

Saturday night we watched fireworks... from the family room. M&D thought it may be best not to expose my little ears to a lot of loud bangs (even though I'm really good around loud noises) so we watched Live fireworks from New York and Boston. Verdict: Fireworks are totally sweet.

We spent all Sunday morning (and early afternoon) watching Andy Roddick and Roger Federer play in the Gentleman's Championship at Wimbledon. Even though AR won 39 games and RF won 36, RF won the match overall, winning the fifth set 16-14. They set records for the longest Men's Grand Slam final (77 games) and the longest fifth set of a Men's Grand Slam final (20 games.) It was an epic match for sure and while it gave Federer his record breaking 15th major victory, we were still heart broken to see Andy lose. As a consolation, M&D are gonna invite him to their Halloween (whatever that is) party. I'm sure that will make up for everything.

The other big news from Sunday was that my swing broke. Dad replaced the batteries (twice) and still nothing happened. This is especially problematic because there are some times when all I want to do is play in my swing and when it's not working, I'm not happy. Good news, Babies R Us took the swing back tonight and we picked up a new one. This new swing looks like it's awesome. It's got several different positions, speeds, has an MP3 jack and even plugs in (bye-bye D Cell Batteries!) I'm really looking forward to some QT with the new swing.

Other than the trip to Babies R Us, I spent my day with GmaD because Miss Anne is on Vacation. For lunch, we went to Nordstrom Cafe with Great Grandma Davenport, Aunt Darty, Uncle Dave, (great) Aunt Nancy, Uncle Tim and Aunt Kelly. (btw, if you haven't already, be sure to click on the last mini pic of UT and me above. Deer in the Headlights anyone?) Lunch was a blast but after lunch I got to chill out with GmaD all afternoon. We passed the time playing, napping and reading (Five Silly Monkeys.)

Phew, that was exhausting.

Until Later,

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