Saturday, July 18, 2009


When I woke up this morning I was hoping to see KC's own Tom Watson defend his 36 hole lead at the British Open but he hadn't teed off yet. No worries, Dad and I still enjoyed some gof (no L, that's how it's pronounced over there.). While I watched people other than Tiger play, Dad was busy cleaning my car seat which may or may not have been christened with a blow out last night. (Love you Dad!)

I had some sweet naps this afternoon and then headed over to grandma and grandpa herbert's to spend the night while mom and dad went to a KC explorers match (that's tennis, people) to watch the bryan brothers play. They sure love tennis--I wonder if they'll try to force me into it? I guess it'd be better than being a pageant kid.

Anyway, GpaH just got a new computer and I don't want to hog so I'll sign off.

Until Later,

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