Tuesday, July 14, 2009

P.S. - Practically Sexagenarian

I went to Miss Anne's again today. When we got there, MA showed us the new bouncy chair she bought for me. Well, I guess it's for all the babies she baby sits but since I'm the only baby there, by the transitive property, it's for me. And MA sure has great taste too because it's the chair that matches my play gym which I LOVE! (See Below)

Have you ever heard the expression (or some variation), "I'm so excited I could just poop." Well, I resemble that comment. About fifteen minutes into the maiden voyage, my diaper experienced an engineering (or perhaps structural) failure which resulted in the chair needing a bath. Sorry Miss Anne!

In other big news (so punny) today is Grandma Davenport's 59th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMAD! I spent quite a bit of time looking for the "genarian" word for one's fifties but while Google found Pentagenarian referenced on several webpages, Merriam Webster does not have an entry for it. Apparently M-W does not recognize "genarians" until the sixties. As an FYI, next up is septuagenarian then octogenarian, nonagenarian and centenarian. After that I think they just call you lucky.

Mom, Dad and I sure were lucky because we got to celebrate GmaD's birthday at a place called The Cheesecake Factory. (Sorry, Dad forgot the camera -- Fail) After we sat down, everyone read the menu which put me right to sleep. If you haven't seen that menu, it's so ridulously long that it HAS PAGE NUMBERS! Still, it was boring so I napped. Maybe M&D should have stolen one to read me to sleep at home. I must have sensed dinner was about to arrive because I told M&D that it was time for my bottle. They fed me (yes, it was a two person operation) while their salads got cold and--wait, salads are already cold. Oh, I don't feel bad now. Anyway, after I got done eating I went over to GmaD so I could play with her on her birthday. As a present, I gave her a coupon book good for free baby sitting whenever she wants. So, anytime she wants to take care of me, she can just redeem a coupon and M&D won't charge her. SWEET DEAL!

After dinner, we stopped over at Grandma & Grandpa Herbert's for a little while. I had a ton of fun with G&G H as they we were singing and making silly faces. And still, no camera. Although G&G H did take pictures and per GpaH, GmaH looked "funny" in one of them. I thought that comment was pretty funny but GmaH didn't so we did a retake. GpaH, so funny.

Then it was home for a bath (clean bean) and now I'm off to bed.

Until Later,

Random thought today - Did you know it's impossible to kiss your own elbow? I know, because I've been trying to put my entire arm in my mouth lately but my elbow has eluded me.

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