Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

I went over to Miss Anne's again today and, of course, had a blow out. Is blowing out diapers considered a skill? If so, I RULE! MA got a new monkey blanket (Google Image it; you'll get the idea) today and while it may not be "mine" necessarily, that didn't prevent me from LOVING IT! I find that more and more I'm really interested in how things feel so I'm constantly trying to grab everything around me (where it then goes into my mouth.) And Monkey blankie is totally soft so I loved playing with it today. (Don't tell MA but I'm gonna try to sneak it into my diaper bag eventually.)

After Mom picked me up from MA's we went over Grandma & Grandpa Herbert's. G&G H got a new laptop after Mom & Dad convinced them they could get wireless internet and use their (<-- originally mis-typed as "thier" and was caught by spell check. But I thought the rule was I before E except after C. James Stuart Laurie is a schmuck. Is it really a "rule" if there are so many exceptions?) laptop anywhere in their house. Of course, this brings my Generational Technology Theory into effect. The theory essentially states that each new generation is more technology adept than the previous generation. I've only been around for a short time but have heard plenty of examples. For instance, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's printer wasn't working so Dad had to troubleshoot. It turned out to be a multi-step fix. Step 1: Plug in Printer. Step 2: Replace printer cartridge. Anyway, G&G H asked that Mom help them set up their computer and get the wi-fi working. It's a good thing too because it even took Mom an hour+ to figure out. That's okay, I got to spend some qt with G&G H while Mom was busy playing IT.

You know what, my GTT has me pretty excited about what technologies are in store for us. I mean, I'm not even four months old and I'm already using an iPod and cell phones to blog. I can't wait to see what technology exists in 20 years that will totally stump M&D. I think I'm gonna go ahead and invest my allowance in Apple and Google now.

When we got home from G&G H's we were met with a sweet surprise. M&D finally got me a bouncy chair for our house! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm so excited! (come on diaper, don't fail me now.) It's a kick and play like the one at G&G D's and it's totally pink and pretty like the one at MA's. AWESOME!
When I kick the little foot prints, music plays and and the center of the flowers light up. Love it. My sisters love it too because now I can play down at their level. I foresee a million kisses in my future.

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