Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shooting Star

Today was my last day at Miss Anne's this week. I found out that the monkey blanket is not new and actually belongs to Logan. I think Logan must have a crush on me because he totally let's me play with it. I still can't find a picture of it on the info super web so I'll have to remember to bring the camera to MA's next week so you can see this glorious glorious blankie.

When I got home I did some playing with Mom. She had me do some tummy time in my crib and while normally I hate tummy time, Mom's given me a goal which makes it better. Mom set my Fisher-Price Miracles & Milestones Musical Projector Soother (whoa, catchy name Fisher-Price. I'd like to see the list of names you DIDN'T go with) in front of me but just out of reach. It looks so fun (and delicious) that I was really motivated to tummy time my way over to it. I found I was able use my legs to kind of kick myself forward. I didn't get all the way there because I got so excited that I... spit up. Oops.

After tummy time, I kicked it in my new bouncy chair for bit and after dinner, it was bath time. Unfortunately for Mom & Dad, I was still in kick and play mode which in my baby bathtub results in water getting everywhere. I heard Dad say it may be time to graduate to the real tub because I'm almost already too tall for this kiddie one. After my bath, I broke in my new hoodie towel from Grandma Chapman. (how cute am I?)

Well, bath time wore me out so I'm off to bed.
Until Later,

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