Monday, July 20, 2009

VH1 Presents: Behind the Blog

It seems as though every form of artistic expression is coupled with a "Behind the..." to go with it. Behind the Music, Behind the Scenes, etc (Googling "behind the" returned over 171M results. Somewhat interesting sidenote: when I search Bing I get 218M results. I thought Bing was supposed to filter more so I get only what I'm looking for. NICE WORK MICROSOFT!) Anyway, I thought I'd do a Behind the Blog post so my half dozen loyal readers know what goes into a blog post.

For starters, I have very little fingers so using a full size keyboard or even using a laptop isn't very productive because I'm forced to hunt and peck. Fortunately, Dad's iPod Touch has wifi and as you can see in the pic above, it has the perfect QWERTY keyboard for my fingers. However, if we're out and about or I can't get a hold of the iPod, I can also post from Mom or Dad's Blackberry which has a bit smaller keyboard but still works okay.

What you may not know is how much time I spend editing pictures and posting them to Picasa which is where I link to for all of my pictures. I also spend a fair amount of time searching the web to find links relevant (or sometimes irrelevant) to each post and since I've inherited my father's poor spelling gene, I spend a TON of time at Merriam-Webster to check my spelling (for some reason blogger spell check doesn't work well.) I also spend a lot of time at MW making sure I know the definition of words that are outside a 3 month old's vocab.

After all of that, I'm just left to my creative devices which can be pretty scary. If you've ever written anything, you know that staring at a blank page (virtual or otherwise) is terribly frightening. I feel the same way as I stare a this tiny blank screen each day. Fortunately, once I start typing I'm usually able to get on a roll. Then my only challenge is keeping Mom and Dad from sneaking peeks and finding out what I'm posting before it's published. I caught Dad red handed in the pic below!

Until Later,

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  1. Hey little cutie. The only thing that sucks is that for people who can't access Picasa from work (like your mom and I who work at a stupid bank that locks down almost everything) we can't see your cutie patootie pics!

    Love - Faux Aunt Patty


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