Sunday, July 26, 2009

Virtual Carbon Copy

Today was pretty relaxing for the most part. We played a few games of "Try to Feed Avery" where Mom & Dad try to feed me and I play defense by pulling the bottle out and moving my head from side to side. I'm really good!

I spent quite a bit of time today playing with my toys by myself because I find that just sitting with M&D is getting a bit boring. I need something to do and lately I am LOVING all my toys.

In the afternoon we did leave the house to go to a place called Sam's Club. Whoa. The carts there are HUGE. Having my car seat in there was so luxurious and spacious. That was until M&D started piling in a bunch of over-sized items that took up all my free space. Booo!

Before Sam's Club we did get a surprise visit from Aunt Abby who needed some business cards that Mom printed. AA had yet ANOTHER function for Abigail Carolina. Look how cute AA's outfit is. If I had the means, I'd totally have AA design all of my onesies. Eat your heart out Gerber.

As we were winding down for the night, we watched a TV show called Burn Notice. It was a pretty good show but I didn't hear Dad laugh at any of it as hard as he did at some commercial. I didn't really get it so I went and found it on YouTube to see if I missed something. I feel like there's an inside joke there somewhere that I don't get. W. On the upside, it's a commercial for a show called Psych which looks really good!

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