Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The World is Full of Stupid People

Miss Anne babysat me again today. I was really embarrassed after my diaper malfunction yesterday but Miss Anne said that's just part of being a baby and that made me feel better. I had a lot of fun today in the bouncy chair and playing with Logan. The weather wasn't nearly as miserable today as it was yesterday so in the afternoon we spent some nice time outside and were even out there when Mom came to pick me up.
Hey, that doesn't look like the outfit I was wearing when I left the house this morning. Oh yeah, I had another diaper malfunction. I wonder if there's a recall on those because they're clearly defective.

After we got home I got some kisses from my sister's and the Dad. Dad thought it might be fun to turn me upside down while I'm in my car seat and I'll be honest, it was really fun. Mom said it was like a roller coaster. Sweet!

After I took a little nap, Dad enlisted my help to put together our new grill. I knew he'd need my help because I heard Grandpa D tell the story about him and Uncle Dave putting G&G D's grill together. I guess it took a few hours because they kept on having to take it apart because they messed up. Dad and I did ours in about 20 minutes. There were only like 13 pieces and it came with a screw driver. Here's a picture of the Grill but the entertaining part is that page is actually a review of the grill by "disappointedgirl." Her review is at the very bottom in small print and it reads, "Not anywhere in the ad did it say it didnt come with a tank. Ive had it for 3 weeks and STILL havent used it. I cant find a place to buy a propane tank!" Hmm, she should check out this place. I mean, it's clear that the HD on Washington Street sells and exchanges propane tanks. I'll bet her headlight fluid is low too. (listen to audio below)

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