Monday, August 31, 2009

Candy for Dinner???

I went over to Miss Anne's in pants & socks today because it was so cool out. I know what you're thinking though and yes, Dad does hate when I wear pants because they're a pain when changing diapers. But I know Dad and he was probably thinking that since he didn't have to deal with them, pants were just fine. Nice attitude Dad.

After MA's, Dad bolted (what's up with that) so I did a lot of playing with Mom. We did some tummy time of course because Mom has started keeping an official "roll over" counter to keep track of how often I roll over. It's currently at zero. It's not necessarily for lack of want or even effort really because I dislike tummy time usually and if I could roll over and relax, I would. Also, I don't think M&D should be pushing this because first I'll roll over and then I'll start crawling and that's when they'll really have to stay on their toes. Mom & I also did some reading (check out my book shelf all the way at the bottom of the page.) We put down My Animals SIX times. Actually, that's not phrased very well; it sounds like we're euthanizing them. We READ My Animals six times. There, that's better. Hey, it's a classic.

For dinner I had a bottle and M&D finally decided to serve up the veggies we got the other day. We're supposed to start with "orange" or "yellow" veggies so M&D decided that round one would be SWEET POTATOES. Dad has regaled me with stories of delicious potatoes and this particular potato is preceded by the word SWEET. It sounded to me like we're off on the right foot. Then I actually had sweet potatoes and the house of cards fell to the ground. I'm thinking blah (fka rice cereal) sounds pretty good now. As Mom was trying to trick me into eating this stuff, they let it slip that when they eat sweet potatoes, it's mixed with loads of brown sugar and baked with marshmellows (which are apparently like marshmallows, just more laid back - I'm SUCH an awful speller) on top. Well of COURSE it tastes like candy the way they eat it. Mom even tried mine and agreed it was medium at best. The scary thing is that SP may well be the best... of the worst. Yikes.

Until Later,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rock the Vote!

Friday and Saturday were incredibly busy and I did not sleep nearly enough. Fortunately I had a nice relaxing day today. I slept in until about 9:30 which was pretty nice of me I think. Dad gave me some breakfast and then pretty much disappeared. I heard Mom say later that we went golfing. Lame. But that's cool, girls day out... or in as the case was.

I did a lot of supervising as mom did a lot of work. We started by making Mom some breakfast-for the whole week. Pre-made french toast; very heady Mom. A bit later I helped Mom write a blog for Paper Mill Designs and while we had the computer out, we voted for Aunt Abby as many times as possible to help get her into St. Louis Fashion week. You can vote for her once an hour for the next three weeks -- GO! When I published, she was on page two and they only take the top 6 (page 1) so vote vote vote.

We also did some dishes and laundry but that stuff is very boring. The fun part was the time we spent relaxing outside. I do love me some trees. I just hope I don't get Dad's allergies so I can enjoy them as I get older too. I also had a lot of fun doing tummy time too but that's because my sister pooz came to help me out.

This evening has been pretty nice. I just had a warm bath and my battery is dieing so I'm off to bed.

Until Later,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out Ansel Adams

I had a dream last night that my bottom two front teeth came in. They haven't yet but I'm told they will which I think makes me a prophet. So that's pretty cool.

Once again, Mom and I got up quite a bit earlier than Dad. Not early, mind you, just earlier than Dad. I finally decided Dad had had enough sleep so I woke him up when I was ready for my second bottle. Afterward, I was playing with the camera and took some pictures. How come black and white pictures always look more artistic? If these were color, they would hardly be blog worthy (as if that's a high bar) but since they're b&w they're arty. As per usual, click to enlarge.

In the afternoon, Mom & Dad decided they had to do something and despite all that needs doing at our house, we packed up and left. We headed south for Babies "R" Us and Sams's club... in the middle of the day... on the weekend. So dumb. First stop was Sam's club and it was a mad house. I do love those luxury carts though. M&D slap me right in the middle and there's a nice large buffer so my car seat rocks the whole trip. Delicious. Next stop was Babies "R" Us and it was easily more busy (density per sqft) and I immediately thought M&D were going to miss their movie... which was still 5 hours away. But, M&D have gotten skilled in the ways of B"R"U and it was pretty impressive to see them bob and weave through the crazies; boom-diaper pail refills, boom-diapers, boom-veggies, boom-burp cloths and just like that we were -- whoa, whoa, whoa... VEGGIES? Sweet.

As I mentioned, M&D had a date night (gross) so I got to go play with Grandma & Grandpa Davenport. I had so much fun over there. The weather was awesome so G&G D, Aunt Lily and I went for a walk. I just love being outside - which reminds me that I need to schedule that genetic test. Anyway, G&G D's was a blast but it seemed like the time just flew by.

It's time for bed now but I'm gonna leave you with some other pics. The first is actually from yesterday but I forgot to publish it. Dad and I were chatting with Mom while she was making bottles and I found a new seat. The others are just of my sisters and me playing today. Click to enlarge.

Until Later,

Friday, August 28, 2009

She's No Annie Leibovitz

When I woke up this morning Mom was there to take care of me. YEA! I knew she had today off from work but it was still nice to see her turn on the lights in the morning. Mom hooked me up with a bottle and a some blah (rice cereal not even worth typing out any more... starting NOW!) After I ate, Mom positioned my high chair like it was a director's chair and I supervised her as she made some french toast. I had blah and she had french toast. Yeah, that's fair.

Mom had a busy day planned for us so after breakfast, we went and woke up Dad and headed out. The first stop was to some place called the DMV. Holy people watching, Batman, that place was... interesting. What a nut cluster too. I imagine the estimated waiting time is derived by throwing darts at a clock...left handed... and blind folded. We had quite a wait but I tried to be a good girl. Mom and I even did some exploring around the building which, among other things, houses the Johnson County Health Department. Seeing the people that were going in and out of there made me add this to my 5 month birthday gift list. I can't believe I had a bottle in the vicinity of that place. GROSS! I just threw up a little... not because of the DMV, but because I'm a baby and I tend to spit up.

After the DMV we met Aunt Abby for lunch at Panera. I was having so much fun listening to all of the wedding planning but got a little peeved when I heard I'd missed cake tasting. Where's the fable? I doubt the cake lady had any bottle friendly samples anyway. BOOOO! After Panera we went to NTB so Mom could get her oil changed. What's with the acronyms today? We did quite a bit of waiting here too and to pass the time we went outside and enjoyed the day. If you recall a few days ago, I passed judgement on Dad for his poor picture taking skills. Well, Mom did no better at NTB; in fact she did quite a bit worse.
I did nothing to modify this picture either and it's actually not the worst of the ones she took. At least her eyes are open... probably.

After NTB we headed back home for another bottle and a much needed nap for both Mom and me. I thought Miss Anne's was busy but that's nothing compared to hanging out with Mom. There's no way I could do this EVERY DAY. I figure once every two weeks ought to be just about perfect. It's a good thing I got some rest because for dinner, we headed over to the Irvines to play with BI (more acronyms!) and Megan and their soon to be baby. I cannot WAIT to meet the new Irvine and I can't believe I have to wait two plus months.

Well, the Irvines wore me out so I'm off to bed.

Until Later,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love Hurts

Today was my last day at Miss Anne's this week. That bit of info would normally bum me out but tomorrow is Mom's first Friday off as part of her flex schedule (nine 9s.) I had another diaper malfunction at MA's today. I think it's gonna be pretty funny when Mom has to start dealing with those.... for one day... every other week. I'm gonna miss playing with Logan though. Today we were goofin' around and I ended up with a little scratch on my head. MA was worried that it was Logan but it was totally me. Sometimes when I get excited I kind of lose control of my arms and since my finger nails seem to grow at five times the normal rate, there's always risk that a long one will do some damage. No blood, no foul!

After Mom came to pick me up, we had to run a few errands including one to meet a client of hers. We had to drop off some save the dates that Mom just finished. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and fall back to sleep. Last night I woke up a few times really late and I'm pretty sure I heard Mom still working on 'em down stairs. Silly Mom!

When Mom and I got home I had a quick bottle and then Mom, Dad and I headed out to meet Aunt Darty and Grandma & Grandpa Davenport at Jack Stack. AHHHHHH, I can finally have solids but I have to progress through all of the different stages in order and I'm still on stage ONE! I think it goes something like: 1. Rice Cereal, 2. Veggies, 3. Burnt Ends. (That may not be exactly right but I'm sure it's close.) I slept most of the way through dinner but woke up right at the end. Mom was holding me and I was forced to look at all of the empty plates sitting on the table, taunting me. There were a few decent scraps left but I just couldn't get to them. Have you ever stared at something and concentrated so hard that you were sure you could move it with your mind. Well that's what I was trying to do with the burnt end scraps on Dad's plate (and there weren't many!) Unfortunately we left before I was successful - DOH! Here's a pic of GmaD and I outside JS. Poor GmaD only got to hold me for a minute but you know what they say, "Always leave 'em wanting more" and with GmaD, that's pretty easy.

I put these pics (click to enlarge) in because my outfit is TOTALLY cute. Hello Adidas hoody skirt with argyle Baby Legs. Unfortunately we didn't get to the pic before I managed to drool and spit up all over it. These are exactly why so many of my recent pics are me with a bib but it's obviously a necessary evil. Clearly what I need is a face diaper.

Until Later,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Time for Losers

When Dad and I got over to Miss Anne's this morning, she had to send one of the older kids to answer the door because one of the other kids there had a monster dirty diaper and she had her hands full. Unfortunately for MA, I don't like being out done so I showed that kid who's queen of the castle. As is often the case, my diaper malfunctioned so I had to be changed from my KSU onesie that I started in (see below.) It's kind of hard to tell but Dad wore a KSU shirt today too so we matched. I'm happy to say that I had nothing to do with that because he dressed himself and me so I'm innocent. (FYI, College Colors Day is Friday, Sept 4th -- GO STATE!)

That first picture isn't very good but it's probably hard to take a picture of yourself with your eyes shut -- OPEN YOUR EYES DAD!

After Mom and I got home after school, she had to turn around and go to a client meeting for Paper Mill Designs. Since Mom ditched us, Dad and I decided to go visit Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for a little while. While I sat with GmaD we did a few Trot Trot to Bostons as well as a This Little Piggy. GmaD also got see my toy leash in action as I played with my keys and teething ring. I had a blast with G&G D but it was short lived because GmaD had to go to a wedding shower. It was okay though because I was getting worn out and was due for some dinner too.

When Dad and I got home, I took a little nap then had a sweet sweet bottle... and some less than sweet cereal. I was so tired that I almost slept through my bottle and I think Dad could tell because after dinner he squeezed in a bath even though Mom wasn't home yet. This was my first bath with just one parent at the helm. All in all, it was an okay bath but I kind of like having both Mom & Dad there. What can I say, I like the attention.

Until Later,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Key Note Screamer

I went over to Miss Anne's today and had THREE dirties but zero diaper malfunctions. CRA-ZY. Kind of sad that I have to lead with a my dirty to DM ratio. (Really, did you just have to look up the definition to ratio? Yikes!) Actually, I had a lot of fun over at MA's; so much in fact that I hardly slept and am exhausted right now. If I don't get two solid naps on top of my 10-12 hours each night, I am worthless... just like Dad. I even fell asleep on the way home from MA's and it's only a 60 second drive.

Needless to say, I took a nap almost immediately after Mom and I got home. When I woke up, I had a little dinner with Mom then did some playing with Dad. If you recall, I mentioned how I got a few leashes (pink with white polka dots) for my toys this past weekend and Dad decided to break one out today because I kept dropping my keys. (You know what's funny, I don't even know what most of the those keys even go to but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them in case I actually need them someday. AHHH!) Anyway, Dad tried to tie one end of the leash to my arm and the other to the keys but he obviously didn't realize how delicious that leash would be. In fact, I had as much fun with it as I did with the keys. To try to keep the leash out of my mouth, Dad wound up just holding the leash above my head so the keys were just within reach. I found this to be very entertaining which pretty much means Dad has pigeon holed himself and is gonna have to keep doing that in the future. I had a blast grabbing on to the keys and flailing all around. I hit myself in the head a few times which surprised me but it was still a lot of fun. I actually wore myself out and almost fell asleep in Dad's arms but he's a meanie and never let's me.

Before putting me down, Dad did that thing where he gives me a million kisses. I responded by screaming with glee after each round. I'm practicing my screaming so I can get to a pitch that only my sister's can hear. How sweet will THAT be!?! I'm totally exhausted now (insert yawn here) so I'm out.

Until Later,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Million Dollar Baby

When I woke up Sunday morning, Mom hooked me up with a bottle for breakfast and then I did some quality time in my play gym. By the time I was due for my second bottle, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen Dad yet. Where's the fable? After my second bottle, I took a nice little nap and Dad finally decided to wake up just before I did. It was pretty chill most of the day but, per the status quo, M&D had to run some errands to cap off the weekend. First trip was to Babies "R" Us. Sweet! We picked up FIVE new pajamas because my sleep sacks don't have sleeves and sometimes I get cold (like my mom.) I also got a few leashes for my toys. Because I have slight tendency to lose my grip or "throw" my toys, these will help prevent them from making it to the floor when we're someplace dirty where that would be important.... like at our house. I think my favorite thing so far may be my new teething beads seen below.

Lastly, I think M&D have realized they're a little underprepared for solid food because we had to get some more soft tip spoons (though these don't turn colors if it's too hot) and another 10 pack of bibs because between the mess M&D make feeding me solids (see what I did there? I put the blame on THEM) and the profuse amount of drool I produce, we are going through bibs like, um, face diapers?
Hmm, is that a million dollar idea? I CALL SAVSIES! 1-800-INVENTION here I come. Have you noticed how the guy in this commercial hammers out a wheel in just three hits? That doesn't seem very realistic to me. I'll have to ask Grandma Davenport if that's how it really happened.

Oh, and I got socks.

Next trip was to the grocery store but it was less interesting than socks so that's all you'll hear about it from me.

I went to Miss Anne's this morning and it was so nice that we went straight outside to play. I had a lot of fun over there and to cap it off, I got a special surprise because when Mom came to pick me up, she brought Grandma Herbert with her. YEA! I hadn't see GmaH in like three days so I gave her a TON of smiles. When we got home, Mom read me some Mother Goose (check it out on my bookshelf below) and I was pretty entertained with... her commentary. She was quick to point out when wind didn't rhyme with behind or when one of the riddles is just "dumb." It was also funny when she giggled at one of the riddles that isn't funny just because one of the words used has multiple meanings and maybe they don't all belong in a children's book.

A little later Dad took me into his office and via Netflix we watched the beginning of Enchanted, just like at GmaH's house and Dad introduced me to Inspector Gadget which is a cartoon he used to watch when he was little. It's kinda silly but it has a character named Penny and a buff dog and even though they're not the same, it made me think of my sister Penny. I love my sisters.

Well, it's time for bed now so I'm off. Oh, but before I do, one question for Dad -- Why the long face? HA! I crack me up!

Until Later,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Arm Bandit

When I woke up today Mom had already left for work which... wait a minute, today is SATURDAY! Where's the fable? Mom had a wedding show in midtown today so it was just the Dad and his daughters today. After I had my breakfast I tagged along with Dad for his breakfast. We met Grandma & Grandpa Davenport and Aunt Darty at Mimi's. I know that GmaD is a sucker so after we'd been there about 4 minutes I started acting all fussy because I knew she'd pull me out of my car seat. And, of course, it worked. GmaD held me all during breakfast and it was pretty funny to watch her maneuver one handed. Since I started solids, I'm used to food coming my way via utensil and every time GmaD took a bite, I got all excited and opened wide. I thought for sure that I'd hit the jack pot but I never got even a little bite. MEAN!

In the afternoon I'd play this game with Dad where I'd pretend I was tired so he'd put me down for a nap. The fun part was that I knew Dad would try to take a nap at the same time so I'd sit around for about 45 minutes - just long enough for Dad to get to sleep then I'd start fussing so he'd have to get up again. It was hilarious - TWICE!

I was excited for Mom to get home because I was playing around in the attic and I found this old polaroid of the two of us. HA, I'm just kidding! This picture is from today but I found this free software that takes digital pictures and makes them look like polaroids. I'm not really sure why you'd want to take a perfectly good, clear picture and make it all fuzzy and yellow but apparently it's pretty popular. Actually, our house still looks like the 70s so why shouldn't the pictures match? Also, there's NO WAY I'd go anywhere near the attic in this house - YUCK!

Until Later,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hey Dr. Yang

I woke up kind of early today and started chatting but I must have worn myself out because the next thing I knew, it was over an hour later. As it turns out, Dad got up when I did but when he saw that I had fallen back asleep, he went back to bed also... but had shut off his alarm. So when I woke up, Dad was all a frenzy and rushed me downstairs to feed me. We didn't get very far into the bottle when all of sudden, without warning, Grandma Herbert showed up. Aweseome! As quickly as GmaH showed up, Dad disappeared. I don't know where he went or what he did after that but I don't really care either because GmaH was rockin' the bottle and my heart lies with the bottle.

After my BBD, (bottle, burp, diaper) GmaH and I left to go play. We spent the day doing some of my favorite things interlaced with one of my very favorite things -- NAPS! The weather was absolutely awesome today which made our walk perfect. If days like today are the result of global warming, then I'm gonna exhale extra from now on (hopefully none of you have to Google what I mean by that.)I hope this nice summer isn't the yin to a horrible winter yang... or would a cool summer be the yin to a warm winter yang. Should I be applying the yin/yang to the season's adjective or to the season's temperature vs the norm. Hmmm, I'll have to chew on that for a while... not try to figure it out but just because I like the way things feel on my gums.

Okay, where was I? Oh right, my day with GmaH. One of my favorite parts of the day was playing piano with GmaH. It's SO FUN! And then to cap the day with GmaH, Grandpa Herbert came home so I got to play with him too.

Mom & Dad were mostly pretty boring tonight. Dad did take me down to the garage for a little while so I could watch Mom work on her printing press. That thing is pretty sweet and it looks like it's almost as old as Grandma Davenport but it's from the 20's or 30's so I'm guessing it's not quite.

Until Later,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jitter Bug

I forgot to post a few pictures from yesterday so I wanted to start with them today. I haven't seen any budding teeth yet but there's some pretty good evidence that they're on the way.

When I got over to Miss Anne's today I found out that the Anoms that were there yesterday were there again today. And that they're going to become Thursday regulars going forward. That's cool with me though because with some of the bigger kids off to school, I'm missing out on some entertainment. I don't mean to imply that the other kids are there just to entertain me but it's a nice ancillary benefit to their tomfoolery and ballyhoos.

After work, I was outside with Dad and we ran across this monster walking across the grill. By the looks of him he could EAT the grill.

I haven't had a lot of exposure to bugs but I'm pretty sure I'm genetically predisposed to hate them because this guy gives me the boo-boo-gee-bees. I tried to talk Dad into capturing it and storing it in the freezer for 16 years so I can use it in my biology class bug collection because this monster is a guaranteed A+. Unfortunately for me, Dad wouldn't go within 12 feet of this guy. Thank goodness for zoom lenses!

We had to run some more errands tonight but Mom was worried that I may get cold so she slapped on some Baby Legs to keep me warm.
They're like baby leggings that come in all sorts of cute and fun colors. Not only will they keep me warm but they'll protect my knees when I start crawling. I was a little skeptical but after seeing them in action I can't wait to get more!

Oh, the other picture is of my sister Penny and me. I love to get real close to my sisters so I can pet them and maybe grab the occasional ear or two. Well, it's bed time now so...

Until Later,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Perfect SIT-uation

I found out today that it's difficult to make fun of someone via blog if they don't read your blog. The difficulty is compounded if the joke spans multiple posts because the most recent appear at the top which opens up room for them to be read out of order. Note to self. Also, Grandma Davenport gets minus five points for falling behind on her reading.

Quick side bar, I am SO thankful for spell check because I just tried to spell appear as apear. Not a typo, an actual misspelling (which I just tried to spell as mispelling.) Brutal.

Dad fed me some more solid food this morning and it's growing on me. You'll notice that I wrote "Dad fed" and not "I ate" because it's difficult to judge exactly how much I ingested. I do know that Mom & Dad betta go get some mo' bibs because I straight murder those things when I eat cereal. Hmm, I probably shouldn't speak/write like that because it may make standardized testing difficult for me in the future.

After breakfast and morning tummy time we headed over to Miss Anne's. Today MA was babysitting some "anoms" (that's short for anomalous and is what we kids call non regulars over MA's) that are neighbors of hers. The anoms were two little boys, Kevin who is 48 and Grant who is 15. I watched the two of them do a lot of playing with Logan. They all walk and run all over the place but I really don't see the draw. Why stand when you can sit you know? If you can't walk then your mom & dad have to carry you which is totally awesome. I mean, my preference would definitely be via palanquin but car seat ain't too shabby either.

(In this example, that's me in the center with the fan and I'm being moved about by Evan, Logan, Mason and Grant the Anom. Also, I probably have like a mini fridge full of bottles in there and a 42" LCD that loops the beginning to Enchanted. Actually the worst part about this for the boys is lugging around the gas powered generator (not pictured) required for my posh digs.)

After school, it was home for a little nap then some dinner after which M&D packed me up and we were off. We could not have picked a worse time to go because it was pouring rain and I'm pretty sure I got hit by lightning a few times. We went to Granite City so M&D could eat dinner. While we were waiting for our table, we met a little boy, maybe 24 or so, that had a black eye. My guess is that he was walking around (see, another reason not to walk) and had an unfortunate encounter with a fireplace or coffee table. Or he just doesn't listen... could be either. After M&D ate we stopped at a gas station so M&D could contribute to the quarter billion dollar power ball drawing for tonight. And I'll be honest, if I become a multi-millionaire these blogs are going to become WAY more interesting so keep your fingers crossed. Next stop was Target for garbage not related to me then it was home for some more cereal (Dad took video so maybe I'll edit and post some day.) I just got done with an incredibly necessary post cereal bath and am gonna call it a night.

Until Later,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I need to confess that I did a little experiment with yesterday's post. I gave some false information regarding some of the events from this past weekend to see if I could get Grandma Davenport to doubt her memory of those events. For instance, I said that on Friday night we went to Longhorn for dinner where I was cranky but we actually just ordered some pizza at G&G D's. I also omitted our trip on Saturday to the Yard House where I insisted on having someone walk around with me. I am willing to guess that the facts I listed in yesterday's post had enough similarities to the actual events that GmaD had some second thoughts on how she remembered those nights. After all, I am my father's daughter! You're old GmaD but I still love you!

I have a little bit of a cold or something so Mom & Dad had me sleep in my swing last night in hopes it would help my congestion a little bit. Hey, I'm game with anything that limits the use of that awful suction thing. M&D have like 17 of these things around the house so there's no escaping it and believe me, I try.

I went to Miss Anne's today and played with Carly and Logan since the big kids were at school. BOO SCHOOL! It's cool though, I have a lot of fun with them and they're teaching me so much. But to protect the innocent (and the guilty alike) I can't divulge any of that here.

After a lovely break from solid food over the weekend, it was back to reality today. For dinner, Dad tried to feed me some cereal but he threw a little twist in. He'd pull the bottle out just long enough to put a spoonful in my mouth and then brought the bottle back to trick me into swallowing the cereal. I have to admit, it was moderately successful.

The rest of the night has been pretty chill so I'm gonna go hit the hay now.

Until Later,

Monday, August 17, 2009


Yes, I realize I haven't had a post in five days but it's not really my fault. I started a post on Thursday but before I could finish it, Dad took the iPod away from me and packed it. See, Mom & Dad went on a camping/float trip this past weekend and I didn't have anyway to blog. I mean, technically I could have used Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's computer (thanks for babysitting G&GD) but I booted it on Friday afternoon and it hadn't finished starting up by the time I had to leave on Sunday. That things a real race horse...that has two broken ankles.

On Thursday, I slept in nice and late. So late that when I woke up I freaked out a little because I was sure Dad had overslept. As it turns out, Miss Anne wasn't going to be able to babysit so Dad took the day off. Dad and I had a nice relaxing morning with Parker & Penny before we headed over to meet GmaD for lunch. It was pretty fun too because GmaD didn't know that I'd be there -- SURPRISE! GmaD also got a little preview of what this weekend was going to be like because I decided I was ready for lunch right in the middle of her lunch. And of course, GmaD was all too happy to delay her own lunch to feed me because that's how Grandmas are. Right after I finished my bottle, I fell asleep in GmaD's arms hoping that would persuade her not to go back to work but I failed. It wasn't very nice of GmaD to make her only grandkid feel like a failure! Fortunately she totally made it up to me this weekend with tons of snuggles.

Since I didn't get enough QT with GmaD, I talked Dad into following her back to work. When we got there, GmaD broke me out of my car seat so I could say hi to all of her friends. My favorite part was hearing the same, "boy, they sure enroll 'em young" joke about eleven times. Creative.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Miss Anne so Dad could run some errands in preparation for their camping trip. Sure, they've only know about the camping trip for a few months now so there's no way the could be prepared a whole day early. That's not reasonable. Dad had cards Thursday night so I just chilled at home with Mom and got a nice surprise when Grandma Herbert came over to play. YEA!

Friday was a complete whirlwind until M&D handed me off to Aunt Darty who babysat until G&GD got off work. That night we had dinner at Longhorn but I'm still holding a grudge because the last time we were there the staff decided to interrupt my nap with a stupid happy birthday song so this time I decided to interrupt everyone else's dinner by being a fussy mccranky pants. I hope they learned their lesson.

Saturday was a busy day of shopping and napping and shopping and eating and shopping. On Sunday, I had a bottle at G&GD's but still decided to tag along with them and AD & UD at Mimi's.

After M&D finally came to pick me up, I think I pretty much slept the entire rest of the day.

Today was the beginning of my first four day week with Miss Anne. It's kind of sad though because a lot of the bigger kids are at school so it's just gonna be Logan and Me. That's okay though, Logan is totally entertaining and pretty cute too. M&D both had stuff to do right after work so after a brief stop home, they ditched me off to GmaH's house for a few hours. Seriously people, would it be so bad if you spent a little time with your daughter? Sheesh. Actually, I had a lot of fun playing with my sister's tonight... and I guess M&D too.

Until Later,