Monday, August 31, 2009

Candy for Dinner???

I went over to Miss Anne's in pants & socks today because it was so cool out. I know what you're thinking though and yes, Dad does hate when I wear pants because they're a pain when changing diapers. But I know Dad and he was probably thinking that since he didn't have to deal with them, pants were just fine. Nice attitude Dad.

After MA's, Dad bolted (what's up with that) so I did a lot of playing with Mom. We did some tummy time of course because Mom has started keeping an official "roll over" counter to keep track of how often I roll over. It's currently at zero. It's not necessarily for lack of want or even effort really because I dislike tummy time usually and if I could roll over and relax, I would. Also, I don't think M&D should be pushing this because first I'll roll over and then I'll start crawling and that's when they'll really have to stay on their toes. Mom & I also did some reading (check out my book shelf all the way at the bottom of the page.) We put down My Animals SIX times. Actually, that's not phrased very well; it sounds like we're euthanizing them. We READ My Animals six times. There, that's better. Hey, it's a classic.

For dinner I had a bottle and M&D finally decided to serve up the veggies we got the other day. We're supposed to start with "orange" or "yellow" veggies so M&D decided that round one would be SWEET POTATOES. Dad has regaled me with stories of delicious potatoes and this particular potato is preceded by the word SWEET. It sounded to me like we're off on the right foot. Then I actually had sweet potatoes and the house of cards fell to the ground. I'm thinking blah (fka rice cereal) sounds pretty good now. As Mom was trying to trick me into eating this stuff, they let it slip that when they eat sweet potatoes, it's mixed with loads of brown sugar and baked with marshmellows (which are apparently like marshmallows, just more laid back - I'm SUCH an awful speller) on top. Well of COURSE it tastes like candy the way they eat it. Mom even tried mine and agreed it was medium at best. The scary thing is that SP may well be the best... of the worst. Yikes.

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