Monday, August 3, 2009


I would like to start off by responding to Mom's comment to yesterday's post. Mom stated: "before we look like terrible parents, remember avery got 2 new packs of diapers and a new thermometer while we were at target."

Listen, I'm not saying you're terrible parents, I'm just saying you could have left me at home while you ran errands. Parker is more than old enough to baby sit! Also, diapers and a thermometer are NOT cool and are really more for you than for me. I don't care what my temperature is and I think diapers exist to make YOUR life easier, not mine. So I maintain, I didn't get anything at Target.

Now back to today. I got to go to Grandma Herbert's for school today; Awesome! Today was a bit hotter than it's been lately but that just meant that GmaH and I had to go on our walk early. And it was pretty nice this morning so that worked out well. After our walk, we stayed cool inside by doing some reading. The Lady with the Alligator Purse is still trying to cure that dumb kid who ate the soap and tried to eat the bathtub. Hey, I can see how one may accidentally eat some soap but why would he try to eat the bathtub? See, he's dumb.

Today was a special treat because GmaH let ME play piano while we did some singing. The keys are a bit large for my hands so GmaH also let me play with me feet. I assume the image that pops into your head is this:

And you're pretty close but I wasn't playing with Robert Loggia and the audience was mostly just a few of my toys.

I also got to talk with cousin Jamie in California. He's really good at using the phone and he gave me a few tips on how to wrap GmaH even tighter around my finger. You're in trouble GmaH! As if the day could get any better, I even got to play with GpaH before Mom came to pick me up. He just got a new laptop and I offered my services if he ever needs any help. After all, I'm wicked good with computers and such.

After I got home, Mom and I did some inventory management on my wardrobe. We had to remove some more clothes from the rotation. It's okay, some of those items were so three months ago.

Here are a few more pics of my fun Friday from G&G H. Enjoy.

Until Later,

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