Monday, August 10, 2009

Fighting Ever Fighting

Next week I start going to Miss Anne's Mon-Thur but this monday I got to go to Grandma Herbert's. As per usual, I had a blast! It rained off and on today but GmaH and I still managed to sneak in a walk. Take that Lezak! GmaH and I also played a little piano. I LOVE tickling those ivories. I also really like bold contrasting colors so it doesn't hurt that they're black and white.

I talked to cousin Jamie out in California again today. He told me that he was going to story hour with his nanny Tina and I told him he should check out my bookshelf at the bottom of my blog (that's your queue to scroll to the bottom) if he's interested in some good reading. That would include a new book that GmaH read me today called Just Grandma and Me. At first I thought someone had ripped off some of my blog posts or something but as it turns out it's not actually about GmaH and me. Clever title Mercer Mayer.

In the afternoon, GmaH had to run some errands so Aunt Abby took the babysitting reins. I know it's mean, but I like to play this game when I'm alone with AA where I just scream and cry to see what she'll do. I need to figure out how to set up a hidden camera next time because it's hilarious!

When I got home, I had an afternoon snack followed by an afternoon nap and they were both delicious! When it was time for dinner, M&D strapped me into my new high chair to eat. By the way, what's with all the straps and belts and buckles? Car seat = Straps. Swing = Staps. High Chair = Straps. Where's the fable? I hate being strapped into things and the high chair is no exception. Also, after last night I've learned pretty quickly that apparently being strapped into THIS chair means I'm going to get my picture taken a hundred times. I can't wait until the novelty wears off because this is ridiculous.

After dinner, Mom took me upstairs to get changed for bed. I saw that Dad was wearing a K-State shirt so I wanted to also. Had I known the end result of that decision, I would have chosen wiser.

I'm going to KU out of spite now. Actually that may be a little drastic - I'm going to MU out of spite now.

Until Later,

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