Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rock the Vote!

Friday and Saturday were incredibly busy and I did not sleep nearly enough. Fortunately I had a nice relaxing day today. I slept in until about 9:30 which was pretty nice of me I think. Dad gave me some breakfast and then pretty much disappeared. I heard Mom say later that we went golfing. Lame. But that's cool, girls day out... or in as the case was.

I did a lot of supervising as mom did a lot of work. We started by making Mom some breakfast-for the whole week. Pre-made french toast; very heady Mom. A bit later I helped Mom write a blog for Paper Mill Designs and while we had the computer out, we voted for Aunt Abby as many times as possible to help get her into St. Louis Fashion week. You can vote for her once an hour for the next three weeks -- GO! When I published, she was on page two and they only take the top 6 (page 1) so vote vote vote.

We also did some dishes and laundry but that stuff is very boring. The fun part was the time we spent relaxing outside. I do love me some trees. I just hope I don't get Dad's allergies so I can enjoy them as I get older too. I also had a lot of fun doing tummy time too but that's because my sister pooz came to help me out.

This evening has been pretty nice. I just had a warm bath and my battery is dieing so I'm off to bed.

Until Later,

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