Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I need to confess that I did a little experiment with yesterday's post. I gave some false information regarding some of the events from this past weekend to see if I could get Grandma Davenport to doubt her memory of those events. For instance, I said that on Friday night we went to Longhorn for dinner where I was cranky but we actually just ordered some pizza at G&G D's. I also omitted our trip on Saturday to the Yard House where I insisted on having someone walk around with me. I am willing to guess that the facts I listed in yesterday's post had enough similarities to the actual events that GmaD had some second thoughts on how she remembered those nights. After all, I am my father's daughter! You're old GmaD but I still love you!

I have a little bit of a cold or something so Mom & Dad had me sleep in my swing last night in hopes it would help my congestion a little bit. Hey, I'm game with anything that limits the use of that awful suction thing. M&D have like 17 of these things around the house so there's no escaping it and believe me, I try.

I went to Miss Anne's today and played with Carly and Logan since the big kids were at school. BOO SCHOOL! It's cool though, I have a lot of fun with them and they're teaching me so much. But to protect the innocent (and the guilty alike) I can't divulge any of that here.

After a lovely break from solid food over the weekend, it was back to reality today. For dinner, Dad tried to feed me some cereal but he threw a little twist in. He'd pull the bottle out just long enough to put a spoonful in my mouth and then brought the bottle back to trick me into swallowing the cereal. I have to admit, it was moderately successful.

The rest of the night has been pretty chill so I'm gonna go hit the hay now.

Until Later,

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