Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Such Thing as a Free Meal

I went over to Miss Anne's today but not before Dad tried to feed me some solid food. The good news is that Mom & Dad are learning and are preparing less and less each time. So, I figure eventually they'll just give up on that and keep me on the bottle -- sweet, sweet bottle.

After work, Mom came to pick me up so I could go home and play with my sisters. I thought I was in for a nice relaxing night but I was off in a big way. Shortly after I finished an early dinner, M&D packed me up and we hit the road. First stop was to Sam's club. I don't think we ran into Sam but it's a big place and he may have been hiding. M&D had to stock up for their camping trip this weekend. I've never been camping so I'm a little disappointed that I don't get to go. Of course, I get to wear diapers so automatically a lot of the stress that comes with camping is out the window. Also, tents aren't really crib friendly so maybe it's best that I'm going to Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's with my sisters for the weekend. I think I'll enjoy the air conditioning a little extra knowing that M&D will be going without. DON'T THEY KNOW IT'S AUGUST!

Next stop was to Babies "R" Us. SWEET! M&D picked up another bottle washing rack because they're lazy, they have a new dish washer and apparently they want to use it. Mom also got a rear view mirror for her car so she can spy on me like Dad does. I was starting to get pretty bored with this trip but then I saw the Bumbo Play Tray. Now I'll have a place to put all my toys while I'm chillin' in the Bumbo.

Next was dinner for M&D at Jason's Deli where it was kid's eat free night. Dumb ol' M&D didn't know that bottles aren't on the menu there. Wonderful, we got to put up with a restaurant full of screaming kids for nothing. After JD's we headed over to Target which I'm sure is the 9th trip to a Target in August alone. They must put something in the air there that causes you to forget the last item on your list. They may also put something in the air that makes you buy 11 other items you didn't need. Sweet.

Well, I'm exhausted so it's off to bed for me.

Until Later,

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