Sunday, August 2, 2009

Process Improvement

I'm so excited that it's Sunday because that means tomorrow is Monday -- YEA! I know it's a little unconventional to want the weekend to be over but hear me out. During the weekend I'm forced to hang out with Mom & Dad and they're totally boring. They just drag me to where ever they're going and make me do stuff like go to the doctor and take baths. But during the week I get to do fun stuff like go to Miss Anne's and play with the likes of Logan and Jill or go to one of my Grandma's houses where I'm totally doted on (or is it doted upon?)

Today was pretty chill. We just relaxed until about 2:00 when M&D decided "we" needed to run errands. I didn't need anything so I'm not really sure why I had to go. First stop was at Office Max where I didn't get anything, then to Bed, Bath & Beyond where I didn't get anything then to Target where I didn't get anything. Lame. After we got home, Dad had me do some tummy time which I'm actually kind of liking now. Mom says that I need to work on rolling over. I mean, if Mom wants me to be on my back, why can't I just START on my back. Hello, skip a step.

A little later, we went to play tennis with G&G H. It was a gorgeous day out and I really wish I could walk already because I could have shown M&D a thing or two. They still need a LOT of practice. It was still pretty fun.

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  1. before we look like terrible parents, remember avery got 2 new packs of diapers and a new thermometer while we were at target.


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