Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jitter Bug

I forgot to post a few pictures from yesterday so I wanted to start with them today. I haven't seen any budding teeth yet but there's some pretty good evidence that they're on the way.

When I got over to Miss Anne's today I found out that the Anoms that were there yesterday were there again today. And that they're going to become Thursday regulars going forward. That's cool with me though because with some of the bigger kids off to school, I'm missing out on some entertainment. I don't mean to imply that the other kids are there just to entertain me but it's a nice ancillary benefit to their tomfoolery and ballyhoos.

After work, I was outside with Dad and we ran across this monster walking across the grill. By the looks of him he could EAT the grill.

I haven't had a lot of exposure to bugs but I'm pretty sure I'm genetically predisposed to hate them because this guy gives me the boo-boo-gee-bees. I tried to talk Dad into capturing it and storing it in the freezer for 16 years so I can use it in my biology class bug collection because this monster is a guaranteed A+. Unfortunately for me, Dad wouldn't go within 12 feet of this guy. Thank goodness for zoom lenses!

We had to run some more errands tonight but Mom was worried that I may get cold so she slapped on some Baby Legs to keep me warm.
They're like baby leggings that come in all sorts of cute and fun colors. Not only will they keep me warm but they'll protect my knees when I start crawling. I was a little skeptical but after seeing them in action I can't wait to get more!

Oh, the other picture is of my sister Penny and me. I love to get real close to my sisters so I can pet them and maybe grab the occasional ear or two. Well, it's bed time now so...

Until Later,

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