Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love Hurts

Today was my last day at Miss Anne's this week. That bit of info would normally bum me out but tomorrow is Mom's first Friday off as part of her flex schedule (nine 9s.) I had another diaper malfunction at MA's today. I think it's gonna be pretty funny when Mom has to start dealing with those.... for one day... every other week. I'm gonna miss playing with Logan though. Today we were goofin' around and I ended up with a little scratch on my head. MA was worried that it was Logan but it was totally me. Sometimes when I get excited I kind of lose control of my arms and since my finger nails seem to grow at five times the normal rate, there's always risk that a long one will do some damage. No blood, no foul!

After Mom came to pick me up, we had to run a few errands including one to meet a client of hers. We had to drop off some save the dates that Mom just finished. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and fall back to sleep. Last night I woke up a few times really late and I'm pretty sure I heard Mom still working on 'em down stairs. Silly Mom!

When Mom and I got home I had a quick bottle and then Mom, Dad and I headed out to meet Aunt Darty and Grandma & Grandpa Davenport at Jack Stack. AHHHHHH, I can finally have solids but I have to progress through all of the different stages in order and I'm still on stage ONE! I think it goes something like: 1. Rice Cereal, 2. Veggies, 3. Burnt Ends. (That may not be exactly right but I'm sure it's close.) I slept most of the way through dinner but woke up right at the end. Mom was holding me and I was forced to look at all of the empty plates sitting on the table, taunting me. There were a few decent scraps left but I just couldn't get to them. Have you ever stared at something and concentrated so hard that you were sure you could move it with your mind. Well that's what I was trying to do with the burnt end scraps on Dad's plate (and there weren't many!) Unfortunately we left before I was successful - DOH! Here's a pic of GmaD and I outside JS. Poor GmaD only got to hold me for a minute but you know what they say, "Always leave 'em wanting more" and with GmaD, that's pretty easy.

I put these pics (click to enlarge) in because my outfit is TOTALLY cute. Hello Adidas hoody skirt with argyle Baby Legs. Unfortunately we didn't get to the pic before I managed to drool and spit up all over it. These are exactly why so many of my recent pics are me with a bib but it's obviously a necessary evil. Clearly what I need is a face diaper.

Until Later,

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