Monday, August 17, 2009


Yes, I realize I haven't had a post in five days but it's not really my fault. I started a post on Thursday but before I could finish it, Dad took the iPod away from me and packed it. See, Mom & Dad went on a camping/float trip this past weekend and I didn't have anyway to blog. I mean, technically I could have used Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's computer (thanks for babysitting G&GD) but I booted it on Friday afternoon and it hadn't finished starting up by the time I had to leave on Sunday. That things a real race horse...that has two broken ankles.

On Thursday, I slept in nice and late. So late that when I woke up I freaked out a little because I was sure Dad had overslept. As it turns out, Miss Anne wasn't going to be able to babysit so Dad took the day off. Dad and I had a nice relaxing morning with Parker & Penny before we headed over to meet GmaD for lunch. It was pretty fun too because GmaD didn't know that I'd be there -- SURPRISE! GmaD also got a little preview of what this weekend was going to be like because I decided I was ready for lunch right in the middle of her lunch. And of course, GmaD was all too happy to delay her own lunch to feed me because that's how Grandmas are. Right after I finished my bottle, I fell asleep in GmaD's arms hoping that would persuade her not to go back to work but I failed. It wasn't very nice of GmaD to make her only grandkid feel like a failure! Fortunately she totally made it up to me this weekend with tons of snuggles.

Since I didn't get enough QT with GmaD, I talked Dad into following her back to work. When we got there, GmaD broke me out of my car seat so I could say hi to all of her friends. My favorite part was hearing the same, "boy, they sure enroll 'em young" joke about eleven times. Creative.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Miss Anne so Dad could run some errands in preparation for their camping trip. Sure, they've only know about the camping trip for a few months now so there's no way the could be prepared a whole day early. That's not reasonable. Dad had cards Thursday night so I just chilled at home with Mom and got a nice surprise when Grandma Herbert came over to play. YEA!

Friday was a complete whirlwind until M&D handed me off to Aunt Darty who babysat until G&GD got off work. That night we had dinner at Longhorn but I'm still holding a grudge because the last time we were there the staff decided to interrupt my nap with a stupid happy birthday song so this time I decided to interrupt everyone else's dinner by being a fussy mccranky pants. I hope they learned their lesson.

Saturday was a busy day of shopping and napping and shopping and eating and shopping. On Sunday, I had a bottle at G&GD's but still decided to tag along with them and AD & UD at Mimi's.

After M&D finally came to pick me up, I think I pretty much slept the entire rest of the day.

Today was the beginning of my first four day week with Miss Anne. It's kind of sad though because a lot of the bigger kids are at school so it's just gonna be Logan and Me. That's okay though, Logan is totally entertaining and pretty cute too. M&D both had stuff to do right after work so after a brief stop home, they ditched me off to GmaH's house for a few hours. Seriously people, would it be so bad if you spent a little time with your daughter? Sheesh. Actually, I had a lot of fun playing with my sister's tonight... and I guess M&D too.

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  1. Avery,
    I'm sad that M&D didn't give a shout out to any of their fun canoe friends while recounting stories about the fun weekend they had.


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