Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Modus Operandi

I went over to Miss Anne's again today but this time without the precursory trip to the doctor's office. That's definitely how I prefer it. We had a lot of fun today even though I did not come home in the same outfit in which I left. (does that read okay? I think trying not to end in a preposition made it harder to read. W.) Per my usual MO, I had an outfit ruining diaper malfunction. The DMs usually happen while I'm sitting, like in my car seat or bouncy chair but today's happened while I was doing tummy time. HELLO NEW WAY TO STOP TUMMY TIME! Sweet. I've also figured out some preventative measures I can take to avoid other things I dislike. For instance, Dad is the one that cuts my finger nails but I also know that Dad HATES drool. So, whenever I see him reach for those nail clippers, I just jam my fist in my mouth. I know he won't touch my hands when they're all slobbery so, problem solved!

In the afternoon, some of the older kids did their part to stimulate the economy by setting up a lemonade stand. (that means three more kids out of the unemployment line!) From the shade of a nearby tree, MA, Logan and I watched the free market at work. The lemonade stand supplied a commodity (lemonade, duh) and hot passers by demanded it in return for another commodity (two bits I assume.) Ahh, Capitalism.

Just as Logan and I finished our discussion on Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations Mom showed up to take me home.

I took a nice long nap after MA's but when I woke up, I got to spend some QT with both M&D. After Dad gave me my last bottle, he snuggled me real tight and gave me a million kisses (roughly, I didn't actually count.)

A bit later, Mom snagged me and she read me several pages of my new book-of-the-month book that arrived today. It's a Mother Goose collection and I'll be honest, some of those, uh, poems I guess you'd call 'em, are a bit goofy.

For instance:
Bow, wow, wow!
whose dog art thou?
Little Tom Tinker's dog,
Bow, wow, wow!

Where's The Fable?

Until Later,

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