Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Time for Losers

When Dad and I got over to Miss Anne's this morning, she had to send one of the older kids to answer the door because one of the other kids there had a monster dirty diaper and she had her hands full. Unfortunately for MA, I don't like being out done so I showed that kid who's queen of the castle. As is often the case, my diaper malfunctioned so I had to be changed from my KSU onesie that I started in (see below.) It's kind of hard to tell but Dad wore a KSU shirt today too so we matched. I'm happy to say that I had nothing to do with that because he dressed himself and me so I'm innocent. (FYI, College Colors Day is Friday, Sept 4th -- GO STATE!)

That first picture isn't very good but it's probably hard to take a picture of yourself with your eyes shut -- OPEN YOUR EYES DAD!

After Mom and I got home after school, she had to turn around and go to a client meeting for Paper Mill Designs. Since Mom ditched us, Dad and I decided to go visit Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for a little while. While I sat with GmaD we did a few Trot Trot to Bostons as well as a This Little Piggy. GmaD also got see my toy leash in action as I played with my keys and teething ring. I had a blast with G&G D but it was short lived because GmaD had to go to a wedding shower. It was okay though because I was getting worn out and was due for some dinner too.

When Dad and I got home, I took a little nap then had a sweet sweet bottle... and some less than sweet cereal. I was so tired that I almost slept through my bottle and I think Dad could tell because after dinner he squeezed in a bath even though Mom wasn't home yet. This was my first bath with just one parent at the helm. All in all, it was an okay bath but I kind of like having both Mom & Dad there. What can I say, I like the attention.

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