Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday Night Fever

On Friday, I went to Grandma Herbert's so we could have a play date but when I got there I got a fun surprise. Grandpa Herbert stayed home from work (careful GpaH, you only 1248 more vacation days so use them wisely!) because Uncle Charlie was in town. He spent the week in Atlanta in training for work so he scheduled a stop over in KC so he could play with us. Unfortunately that meant that Aunt Eva and Cousin Jamie weren't with him.

I haven't seen UC in a few months but I barely recognized him. He has a LOT of hair. He better not be rubbing it in my face because I'm a little self conscious since I lost most of my hair. (you can watch it happen here. Starts to get pretty brutal around the 1:20 mark.) The awesome thing about UC's hair is that it's kind of like a toy too. I can grab it when he holds me (though I secretly tried to pull it out like I do with Mom's) and when he's not, it's kind of like a mobile when he shakes his head real fast. FUN!

Getting to play with G&G H, UC and Aunt Abby all at once was SO fun but it seemed like it was over too fast and in the worst way. Mom came to pick me up at 2:00 because I had a doctors appt for my four month check-up. I did NOT have fun the last time I was at the doctor so when I found out where we were going, I got worried. This time wasn't nearly as bad. Started off in the usual way with the nurse checking my stats. 14lbs, 1oz which they said was the 70th percentile but according to this, it's right in between 50th & 75th percentile so I'll call it 62.5 percentile. Also, I had just eaten so I'm sure some of that was just bottle weight. What? That's a thing... probably. Height (which I maintain is length until I start standing on my own) is at 24.375in which is right at the 50th percentile.

Right after I got weighed, the nurse said she thought I felt warm so she took my temp. And let me tell you, that was pretty unpleasant. There are quite a few ways to take one's temperature these days and the nurse chose the WORST possible way. I'm sure there's a good reason and all but seriously, that was not cool. Apparently my temp was 101 which was pretty surprising because I felt fine. After Dr. Shanker checked me out, we asked him and he said that he didn't think I felt warm so he sent the nurse back in to recheck. I was like, uh, we have to do that again? I was not so accommodating this time around and again it was 101. So, we had to wait another 10 minutes and then SHE TOOK IT AGAIN! Cut me a break here! Again it was 101 and I was not about to go through that again so we got some Tylenol and got outta Dodge.

When we got home, M&D took my temp and it was 98.8 which reflected how I felt much more accurately (sans the repeated violations.) We have to go back in on Tuesday morning to make sure I'm feeling okay but so far so good.

For dinner, we headed back over to G&G H's so we could see UC and AA before they left (AA went to Chicago for a denim party which I'm sure was as cool as it sounds and UC's flight to Cali was set to depart today at noon.) We didn't get to play very long though because I was feeling pretty tired and Mom had some work to do at home.

I wanted to see UC one more time before he left so I talked M&D into going to breakfast with UC and G&G H. I didn't have to twist their arms too badly though because they love them some First Watch.

Needless to say, yesterday was exhausting and since breakfast I've been taking it pretty chill today. I've already had some serious naps and have loved every minute of it. Speaking of which, it's about time for another. Sweet Dreams!

Until Later,

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