Sunday, August 9, 2009


On Saturday, Dad had a golf tournament so it was just the girls at home. Mom and I did some shopping, kind of. She had me try on some of my shoes to see if they fit yet. My feet are still very little but my Italian shoes (left foot) almost fit. My other dress shoes are still a little too big though which means they're too easy to kick off and I do a lot of kicking so that's not good.

We also ran an errand to Beauty Brands where Mom bought some shampoo and conditioner that weigh more than I do. I know I don't have quite as much hair as Mom does but I think it would take me about nine years to go through that much product.

Today, Mom had to work for JPM so I figured I'd spend some QT with Dad but after breakfast with Grandma & Grandpa Davenport and Aunt Darty and Uncle Dave, Dad totally ditched me. Whatever Dad, I'd rather go shopping with GmaD and AD anyway. First we went to Macy's which was pretty fun. GmaD taught me how to do some math too which was a bonus. It was all about how to figure out how to calculate how much I can save when something is on sale. If something cost $100 and it's 25% off, I can just take 10% of $100 which is $10 then multiply by 2.5 to to get $25 which means the cost comes down to $75. I also learned that 40% off is better than 25% off and 60% off is better still. It was all very exciting. We went to a few other places as well but I think I had the most fun at Macy's.

Tonight, I had my first experience with solid food and it was NOT a cheeseburger. BOO! For dinner I had about two thirds of a bottle but I also had some rice cereal mixed with formula which was then spoon fed. I'll be honest, the bottle seems like the perfect conveyance for my dinner because this whole spoon deal was very inefficient and quite messy. Here are some pics of the fiasco. Click to enlarge.

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