Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Perfect SIT-uation

I found out today that it's difficult to make fun of someone via blog if they don't read your blog. The difficulty is compounded if the joke spans multiple posts because the most recent appear at the top which opens up room for them to be read out of order. Note to self. Also, Grandma Davenport gets minus five points for falling behind on her reading.

Quick side bar, I am SO thankful for spell check because I just tried to spell appear as apear. Not a typo, an actual misspelling (which I just tried to spell as mispelling.) Brutal.

Dad fed me some more solid food this morning and it's growing on me. You'll notice that I wrote "Dad fed" and not "I ate" because it's difficult to judge exactly how much I ingested. I do know that Mom & Dad betta go get some mo' bibs because I straight murder those things when I eat cereal. Hmm, I probably shouldn't speak/write like that because it may make standardized testing difficult for me in the future.

After breakfast and morning tummy time we headed over to Miss Anne's. Today MA was babysitting some "anoms" (that's short for anomalous and is what we kids call non regulars over MA's) that are neighbors of hers. The anoms were two little boys, Kevin who is 48 and Grant who is 15. I watched the two of them do a lot of playing with Logan. They all walk and run all over the place but I really don't see the draw. Why stand when you can sit you know? If you can't walk then your mom & dad have to carry you which is totally awesome. I mean, my preference would definitely be via palanquin but car seat ain't too shabby either.

(In this example, that's me in the center with the fan and I'm being moved about by Evan, Logan, Mason and Grant the Anom. Also, I probably have like a mini fridge full of bottles in there and a 42" LCD that loops the beginning to Enchanted. Actually the worst part about this for the boys is lugging around the gas powered generator (not pictured) required for my posh digs.)

After school, it was home for a little nap then some dinner after which M&D packed me up and we were off. We could not have picked a worse time to go because it was pouring rain and I'm pretty sure I got hit by lightning a few times. We went to Granite City so M&D could eat dinner. While we were waiting for our table, we met a little boy, maybe 24 or so, that had a black eye. My guess is that he was walking around (see, another reason not to walk) and had an unfortunate encounter with a fireplace or coffee table. Or he just doesn't listen... could be either. After M&D ate we stopped at a gas station so M&D could contribute to the quarter billion dollar power ball drawing for tonight. And I'll be honest, if I become a multi-millionaire these blogs are going to become WAY more interesting so keep your fingers crossed. Next stop was Target for garbage not related to me then it was home for some more cereal (Dad took video so maybe I'll edit and post some day.) I just got done with an incredibly necessary post cereal bath and am gonna call it a night.

Until Later,

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