Friday, August 28, 2009

She's No Annie Leibovitz

When I woke up this morning Mom was there to take care of me. YEA! I knew she had today off from work but it was still nice to see her turn on the lights in the morning. Mom hooked me up with a bottle and a some blah (rice cereal not even worth typing out any more... starting NOW!) After I ate, Mom positioned my high chair like it was a director's chair and I supervised her as she made some french toast. I had blah and she had french toast. Yeah, that's fair.

Mom had a busy day planned for us so after breakfast, we went and woke up Dad and headed out. The first stop was to some place called the DMV. Holy people watching, Batman, that place was... interesting. What a nut cluster too. I imagine the estimated waiting time is derived by throwing darts at a clock...left handed... and blind folded. We had quite a wait but I tried to be a good girl. Mom and I even did some exploring around the building which, among other things, houses the Johnson County Health Department. Seeing the people that were going in and out of there made me add this to my 5 month birthday gift list. I can't believe I had a bottle in the vicinity of that place. GROSS! I just threw up a little... not because of the DMV, but because I'm a baby and I tend to spit up.

After the DMV we met Aunt Abby for lunch at Panera. I was having so much fun listening to all of the wedding planning but got a little peeved when I heard I'd missed cake tasting. Where's the fable? I doubt the cake lady had any bottle friendly samples anyway. BOOOO! After Panera we went to NTB so Mom could get her oil changed. What's with the acronyms today? We did quite a bit of waiting here too and to pass the time we went outside and enjoyed the day. If you recall a few days ago, I passed judgement on Dad for his poor picture taking skills. Well, Mom did no better at NTB; in fact she did quite a bit worse.
I did nothing to modify this picture either and it's actually not the worst of the ones she took. At least her eyes are open... probably.

After NTB we headed back home for another bottle and a much needed nap for both Mom and me. I thought Miss Anne's was busy but that's nothing compared to hanging out with Mom. There's no way I could do this EVERY DAY. I figure once every two weeks ought to be just about perfect. It's a good thing I got some rest because for dinner, we headed over to the Irvines to play with BI (more acronyms!) and Megan and their soon to be baby. I cannot WAIT to meet the new Irvine and I can't believe I have to wait two plus months.

Well, the Irvines wore me out so I'm off to bed.

Until Later,

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